Book Bomb with Review: Breaking the Gladiator by Nicola Rose

February 20, 2018

Breaking the Gladiator
Nicola Rose


Livia is a high-ranking woman in Roman society, thanks to her husband’s wealth. On the outside she appears to have it all — but she’s a broken woman. Haunted by a tragic event in her past, and at the mercy of her sadistic husband who revels in her humiliation and sexual degradation.

She finds comfort in transferring that pain along; putting on a brave face and inflicting a mixture of love and hate onto her husband’s prized gladiator, both in the bedroom and out.

Cassian has his own demons, he’s trained to have no feelings other than the desire to kill. He hates Livia. She’s everything that a gladiator abhors. But sometimes he sees the goodness hiding behind her eyes…

Their tempestuous relationship brings danger to them both. If they’re caught, they will be killed. And Livia’s brother-in-law knows exactly what’s going on — he wants a piece of that pie for himself.

Will it all come crashing down around them? Or will love find a way to conquer the hate instilled in them all…? Who will be left standing when a gladiator falls for his Domina?

Breaking the Gladiator by Nicola Rose is a dark tale of forbidden love between a Gladiator and his Domina. This is the author's debut, but if you didn't know that already, you wouldn't be able to tell. I don't usually enjoy novellas that aren't a part of a series. I find them lacking in a number of ways. I don't care about the characters much, and I don't feel satisfied by the plot or ending. That was not the case here. I'm not going to lie. I was shocked at how much I loved it! It's dark, gory, and fucked up, and I enjoyed every damn minute of it!

"I want him to hurt as much as I do. And then, when he can bear no more, I want him to hurt me right back. To use me and abuse me. I want the monster - all of him."

Livia is the wife of a wealthy and powerful man, Felix, but her heart belongs to another. Cassian is Felix's champion gladiator. He is huge, hot, honorable, undefeated, and head over heels in love with Livia. She tries to maintain a certain distance from him emotionally, but it's clear when they are together he owns more than just her body.

Don't go feeling sorry for Livia's husband though. He is a cruel individual that treats his wife no better than a common whore off the street. Felix freely fucks his slaves in front of her. Sometimes, he even humiliates her in front of them or allows them to mock her openly.

Though he has many gladiators, Cassian is Felix's favorite. Maybe favorite isn't the right word. He only cares about Cassian as long as he's winning battles, and when he nearly loses one due to being distracted by Livia, Felix orders Cassian to die at the hands of a less powerful opponent. As if that wasn't bad enough, he sells Livia to his brother, Marcus, for the night following the battle to do with as he chooses.

In this society, men like Felix have absolute power. Livia and Cassian are at his mercy. No one would dare go against someone like Felix to help them. Do they have any choice but to accept their fate?

"In the arena I'm free. There, I bow to no one. There...they quiver before me and beg for mercy. I'm loved. Adored. The crowd cheer and chant my name, because I'm someone. I am Death."

Blood, sex, deceit, love, sacrifice, murder, and mayhem, this book has it all! I didn't know what to expect out of a gladiator romance, but I can't imagine it being any better than this. It's fantastically written, the characters will make you feel a whole range of emotion, the story will have you on the edge of your seat, and the romance will grab ahold of your heart!

Breaking the Gladiator won't be the last thing I read by this author. She has a vampire romance coming out next, and you better believe I'll be devouring it as soon as I can. If any of what I've said sounds appealing to you, don't hesistate to give this a try! A threesome, a beheading, having sex while rolling around in the blood of their enemies, it's pure heaven! What does that say about me for holding such an opinion? I don't know lol, but I know there are plenty of sick bitches out there like me! If you're one of them, this one is for you!


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Nicola Rose enjoys writing about vampires, fantasy, and romance that isn't always sweet…

She's from the UK, where she lives with her husband and two boys. When she's not writing or reading, she can probably be found walking in the countryside, faffing in Photoshop, and playing board games (with varying degrees of aggression).

You may also find her obsessing over vampires and bad boys...

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