Cover Reveal: Crowd Pleaser by Marie James

February 23, 2018


Release Date: March 14, 2018
Cover Design: Letitia Hasser / RBA Designs
Genre: Sexy Contemporary Romance Standalone


You know those love stories you read about? The ones where the heroine remains untouched, virgin-like, until she meets the man of her dreams?
The stories where she's always in the shadows, always on the outside, no one knowing her name until she meets her one and only? A shy glance across the room at her first ever college party captivates the man she'll soon fall in love with? This story isn't that. In this story, everyone who's anyone has seen the heaviness of her tits. They've all heard the soft moan she makes when a man slides inside. They've all heard her whimpers, heard her begging for more. Her name is Randi Simms. And she’s a Crowd Pleaser.





“Do you see her? I have no clue what the fuck I’m supposed to be doing.”
I look around, focusing on the crowd for the tiny, pixie-like girl who only hits five foot three if she’s wearing four-inch heels. It’s easy for her to be swallowed up in a crowd this size. My heart rate increases as my concern for her safety becomes a physical ache in my chest.
“I’d say head to the center.” Hunter points to the ceiling. “The cameras are all angled in that direction.”
We make our way to the middle of the room, only pausing briefly to push drunk girls off of me. 
“Holy shit.” I nearly stumble when Hunter runs into my back as we make it to the epicenter of the room.
There are four couches, each one with a different couple fucking on them, forming a half circle, but it’s the huge, four-poster bed with black sheets in the forefront that has my attention. The darkness of the fabric appears almost like a black hole, and if it weren’t for the woman writhing on the sheets, naked as the day she was born, I wouldn’t have given the bed a second glance.
“Fuck,” Hunter hisses in my ear. “That gets even my dick hard.”
“No joke,” I agree without being able to pull my eyes from the bed.
“You gonna be okay from here?”
I nod, my mouth too dry to form words.
With one hand working that spectacular pussy, Randi beckons me with the other. Like a man caught in a siren’s call, I close the distance between us. My knees hit the mattress before it even registers that I’ve crossed the room.
“Is this slutty enough for you?”
My fingers tingle to touch her.
“You’re gorgeous,” I praise, noticing the expert application of make-up on her face. She’s played it up, utilizing the black lights to enhance her features.
The bed shifts, knocking me out of my perusal of her body. I fight the urge to cringe, knowing the cameras are already rolling when I see the crowd has engulfed the bed. I’m thankful for the four men I’m just now noticing as they stand at each corner with their backs to us. 
“Ready to get your dick sucked?” She pulls her dripping fingers away from her greedy cunt, but before she can reach for my belt, I’m sliding those tangy fingertips into my mouth.
I can’t hear her gasp over the pounding of the music, but that doesn’t stop the chills from racing down my spine at the sight of her mouth forming that perfect little O.
“I had something else in mind,” I offer.
Grabbing the ankle closest to me, I turn her on the mattress, readying myself to dive into her pussy, mouth first, with no intention of coming up for air for a very long time. I’ve missed her, more than I’ll ever admit out loud, but I’m also aware that sex is how we communicate. When I’m fucking her, it’s the only time she lets her guard down enough for me to have a glimmer of hope of winning her over.
Before I can lean my head in, she grips my hair and kisses my lips.
“You can’t do that,” she whispers against my lips between nips of her teeth and languid swipes of her tongue. “The cameras can’t see anything.”
“You got me fucked up if you think my mouth isn’t devouring that sweet pussy of yours tonight.” I aim for sexy with a little alpha tossed in, but it comes out whiny and impatient.
“Calm down, big boy.” She punctuates her words by lowering the zipper of my jeans and gripping the shaft of my dick in her tiny hand. “I just have to ride your face.”
“God damn,” I moan, the combination of her words and the heat of her touch almost enough for me to end things right now.
“Take it all off, Jake!” some chick yells. Obliging, Randi pushes my t-shirt up my stomach, her mouth trailing a second behind.
My abdomen quivers under her breath and the lick of her tongue. My cock jumps in her hand, attempting to lengthen in the direction of her mouth. 
“Let me,” Randi offers when I attempt to push my jeans off over my hips. 
The crowd cheers when she pushes me from my knees to the flat of my back. The coolness of the sheets is a welcomed contradiction to the warm air surrounding us.
She tugs my boots off, scraping her thumbnail over the sole of my foot after tugging my sock free. I can’t keep from jerking my leg, but the fact that it brings a wide smile to her face makes me want to keep letting her do it. From the corner of my eye, I see two girls ready to throw punches. One of the security guards steps over, and then I realize they’re fighting over my fucking discarded sock.
“Those are thousand dollar boots,” I say with a grimace.
“Brooks,” Randi says without even taking her eyes from me.
“Got it, Cici,” the bulky man says.
The nip of her teeth on my thigh is enough to garner every bit of my attention. Who gives a fuck about boots when Randi Simms’ mouth is hovering over the leaking tip of my cock?


One of Five ARC's for Crowd Pleaser

About the Author

Marie James: I'm a full-time, working mother of two boys and wife of 13 years. I've spent almost my entire lifetime living in central Texas, with only short stays in South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. I've always wanted to write novels and just recently had the gumption to sit down and start one. My passions include reading everything under the sun and plotting out new books to write in the future.

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