Ethan: A Novella By L.K.Owen REVIEW

April 1, 2016


Ethan battled to overcome demons from his past, and since meeting Caitlin, his life has finally come together. They share a love that is pure and true, and now he feels complete. However, an unexpected turn of events leads Ethan down a path he never saw coming. Mostly, the changes are positive, but along with the good comes the threat of being haunted by a past Ethan worked hard to put behind him. 
Will Caitlin's love, support, and devotion be enough to see Ethan through this rocky path?

Add to your Goodreads "to be read" list:
Sucker Punched, a full length novel should be read first.
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I was supposed to beta-read this but it was so good the only thing I could do was gush.

I enjoyed watching Caitlin and Ethan living their happily ever after, and finally get closure for all those little things that were unresolved in the first book. Like I told the author: this was like a Christmas gift I wasn't expecting, but I'm so happy that it happened. This is a great addition to the series, and unlike most novellas, this one IMHO is a must read. It will make you feel, laugh and cry in only 20.000 words or so. (I know, that's LK Owen's magic. She's a genius who will play with your feelings in 8 chapters or less.)
However, Danny stole the show for me. He was just... amazing. He was the cutest little boy during the first book, but he made me snot-cry so much I got hiccups during this sequel.
Another thing I found really incredible was how the author recapped everything that happened during the first book without it getting tedious. If a character appeared, she made sure we knew who they were without dumping all the info on us carelessly.
Her writing captivated me even more than before, and I thought that the whole book being in Ethan's POV was ideal. The war scene was very vivid and I loved how a certain character (I won't mention it because it's kind of a spoiler) appeared.

I love all the characters and I'm so invested in this series I can't wait to see what L.K. Owen sucker punches me with next (lol)

PS: This series should most certainly be read in order.

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