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April 30, 2016

When clumsy romance writer, Minka Knight, is asked out on a date by Pierce Wyatt, famous T.V. star, she finds herself in the all too familiar story line where opposites attract. Between their different lifestyles, crazy schedules, and unpredictable meddling friends, being together doesn't seem like the right option. However, as the weeks go by the two discover reality really is stranger than fiction and no love story is already written. 

That's the best part about real life, man. No story is already written. No finished copy is being put in circulation for actors to learn. There's no script to stick to. Whatever you want , you just gotta go get it.”

Already Written is my first Xavier Neal book and to be honest this book could really give a positive vibe. The author delivered a lighthearted, fast paced, funny yet enjoyable read that could really made your day and at the same time will warm your heart. But beware though, when you read this book please stop smiling like your crazy but seriously you really can't stop it!

Know what this book made me at only few pages/chapters?
I went from...


and then almost thought

Know why?Oh you have to read the book to definitely understand what I mean. ;)

To be real honest, this book gave me first a "cliche" vibe but seriously this doesn't stop me from keeping on turning the pages because no matter how I think it's kinda cliche I can't deny the fact that I was hooked with Minka and Pierce story. These two characters are just so adorable I want to bottle them up then lock them because their just hilarious I can't contain my laughter and and smiles as I went on from page to page. That moment when your at a populated area you need to laugh silently without opening your mouth or smiling and yet your eyes are twinkling?Man! I just did those reading this book. The writing is flawless too I haven't known I'm almost finished. Even the secondary characters is worth rooting for. No heavy drama although there's a little issue near the end, yet it just made the book more edgier. Lighthearted but will make your heart jump at the expectation of the next scene.
Funny thing about books and reality. I could scribble in a few well placed lines, a romantic exchanging of apologies and give you a happily ever after. But I can't do that now. This isn't a Minka Knight novel. The grim reality is happily ever after is just temporary. Looks like mine's over. Permanently. I guess I should just be grateful I finally got a story worth reading about.
Overall, this book really is a must read. If you're up to humorous story with adorable leads and great moral? Then this book is for you. I for instance is on awe of this authors ability to deliver a book that will really struck you...As I said lighthearted but f*ck!!! I'm so in love with it!

Below are one of my favorite lines in the book that really srruck me.
“Dates are a dime a dozen, but you Minka Knight are not.”More nervous than I was for the audition that made me as famous as I am, I continue, “There's no one else in the world remotely like you. You're one in a million. You're my one in a million. I don't want a Cam or a Tessa. I don't want a headline or a front page. I just want you. I want the woman I can share hot dogs with.” ~ Pierce
Best part is I didn't even have to write the romantic things he says or does. It's all real and genuine, proving once more life doesn't need rewrites and revisions . While my non-fiction story is full of errors and unexpected twists, it's still beautiful and I love that it's mine. ~Minka
Did I say this is my first Xavier Neal book?Nah it will definitely not my last!

Good job!

Xavier Neal is an up and coming Author and Blogger. She lives in Texas where she spends her time getting lost in writing and reading. She loves Tex-mex, fandoms, and laughing. Feel free to spend her a message any time! 


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