Book review:Cocky F@#ker

April 30, 2016

I came home to Reverence to start over, not to cozy up to Chelsea F*cking Taylor. Again.

My brother’s ex should have been off-limits, but she wasn’t. Not when we were teens. Not when I married her. And definitely not now.

I thought after I walked away from her in Vegas we were done. I was wrong. This time my brother isn’t getting in the way of what I want. I’m going to fight for her, fight for us.

The girl f*cking loves me, she just doesn’t know it yet.

Friends, lovers, enemies, and now… 

To say our relationship is complicated would be an understatement.

Damaged, demanding, a verifiable prick, Mace Hadley is my biggest mistake, but that didn’t stop the former marine from getting back into my panties the night he arrived home.

It was supposed to be one last screw you. Except he’s in my face each chance he gets, between my legs at every opportunity.

I’m not sure how long I can fight him when I still haven’t gotten over him. But I’ll go down swinging. If I give him my heart and he leaves me behind again, it’ll break me. But that’s not the worst part.

I’m having the cocky f@#cker’s baby.
Anyone that knows me,know that I love a friends to lovers romance so when I saw this, I was all over it. Who doesn't love a cocky guy that would do anything for the one girl he truly wants? I know I freakin do! Chelsea and Mace had all the makings to be that one couple that they write love songs about but what's a love story without all the drama and misunderstandings.

"Our entire relationship from when we were teens, for the last ten years, until now has been a series of unfinished moments". .

Chelsea and Mace has been friends since they were teenagers. Growing up with the infamous Hadley brothers has certainly gave her a backbone and the family bond that she's craved. But there has always been one brother that's stood out to her despite her dating the oldest one " Rush". That all changes one night in a barn when Mace delivers some bad news that has her leaning on him for support. Will they give into temptation or move on with the start of their new lives?

"Seeing her again, fucking her again, probably wasn’t the smartest move I could have made. But then I never claimed to be smart. Especially when it came to her.

Fast forward a few years later and Chelsea is now an Adult living her own life and trying to forget about Mace.Seeing him hasn't been good for either of them with nothing but burning lust and miscommunications that has frustrated them both. How do they move on from that and try to go back being friends? After being deployed for so many years, Mace is finally back home and all he wants to do is try to adjust to civilian life and be there for his brothers. Being around Chelsea hasn't been good for his sanity or his body. But he's determined to move on and make the best of their situation.How long will that last? You just have to see.

What I really liked about this story was Mace and Chelsea's banter in the begining along with their sexual tension. Those two were a hot sweaty mess and I loved it. What I didn't like was the constant back and forth of "I want you"/I don't want you. This frustrated me to no end and I wanted them to get their sh*t together quickly. If you could overlook that part, I think you would enjoy this story.

Misti Murphy is a sadistic b*tch who loves to emotionally torture fictional people. If she did that in real life she’d probably end up in prison or a psych ward so she prefers to create dirty talking alphas and the sexually frustrated women who fall into their beds. And if someone needs to be smacked upside the head before f*cking turns to love then that makes her very happy indeed.

She’s a huge believer in flaws making us human, and that not everyone likes bacon. She’s also addicted to chocolate and scared of the effects of the coming shortage. She swears like a f*cking trooper, and thinks that graphic smuttiness should be as real in fiction as it is in real life.

When she’s not writing she’s the perfect housewife and mother. Ha bloody ha! When she’s not writing she’s hiding in a cupboard with her kindle, scoffing chocolate, and stalking facebook.

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