Blog Tour & Book Review: Tapping the Billionaire by Max Monroe

April 27, 2016


If you’re the type of woman who prefers crotch selfies to small talk, this book isn’t for you.
If you enjoy random men you’ve never met filling up your inbox with dirty words and porn—for reasons focused more towards diddling your donut than laughing at the absurdity—this book isn’t for you. 
If you HATE laughing, this book isn’t for you.
If you want your male leads to grunt, thrust like jack rabbits, and have one-track minds that prefer a nice pair of tits to brains every hour of every day for the rest of forever, well, then, this book still isn’t for you. 
If you enjoy a good swoon, a hearty laugh, witty banter, and some hot as f*@% f*@%ing, then consider Georgia Cummings your Girl Friday and Kline Brooks your next irresistible book boyfriend.

5.0 TapRoseNext & Bad_Ruck Stars!!!
—Two established romance authors join forces to bring you more books and stuff. Together.—
Two men, two women, or, perhaps, one of each. Everyone is asking—Who is Max Monroe?
Hell, we could even be Colleen Hoover.
You decide.
Disclaimer: Yeah, we’re not Colleen Hoover.

Holy hell this book!!! To be honest, never in my entire existence that I started reading a book that I was intrigued by the author at first more than the book itself. I mean, fuck this! I was curious as to who Max Monroe is!!! So what I did was signed up for a cover reveal and holy smoking hotness my jaw dropped and I almost literally begged for an ARC because man if I was curious who the authors were, I do not know how to describe the feeling I got the moment I saw the cover of the book! This is more than eye catching...that cover just really got me and all I could think is I call dibs on it! No..not just on it but I call dibs on KLINE BROOKS!!! hooooot!!! That feeling when you're patiently/impatiently waiting and this cover kept on teasing you???

*holy smoking sizzling hotness...that hand under...that laugh!!! fanning...dreaming...Ahhh... I melted. Into. A. Puddle. Of. Pliant. Swoony. Mush. He's totally mine!!! As in DIBS!!!
So, more than the author/authors whom until now is a mystery(*whispers...psssttt..who really are you?I can keep a secret ;) )...more than that sizzling the plot I soooooo damn root for. When I read the blurb which pretty sums up the story and all those teasers, I have an inkling it's somewhat funny but's H-I-LA-R-I-O-U-S!!!First few pages and I was literally hooked! It's flawlessly written that every page will make you captivated. It's fast paced and you wouldn't realize you're almost done because you're just lost in the moment....seriously that's how good this book is. In just a snap of a finger and you're in the next chapter because you can't help but turn the pages no matter how you want it not to end. Not so much drama is involved...lighthearted but will definitely made your day.

Those characters!!! Oh boy....Georgia and Kline is officially on my list of favorite couple. Their banters..their moments were worth my sleepless night. I laugh with them...swooned over them..and fell in love with them that even after reading I still the book because I wanna relive the moment... ahhhh...they're just so damn adorable! Their first date is so damn hilarious with all the rap and beat box...loling out loud!!! Added up with panty melting scenes and I was all for it!!! *faints
I was a goner!!!

Now, because this/these mystery author/authors is soooo damn cool she blended it up with these secondary leads that everybody would love to have! Their conversations were just worth devouring and funny yet sexy.
And both parents??effing hands down!!! I do not know how they managed to write it but effing B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T!!!. You do not know what to do but just laugh your fucking ass out!!!

It's hilarious yes! But that epilouge???it more than just got me!!! I Love it to death!!! I felt every emotion there is and to think that I thought this story is just one of a hell hilarious. But it's not just that. It's a way more than that.

I wont spoil any more than the teasers that I used with my review that was pretty much the same as we reveal and share days ago, because trust me when I say it's more fun to read the book blind than to expect more because I spoil it for you.

But one thing is for sure...this billionaire book? It's a U-N-I-Q-U-E one that I never saw coming. I enjoyed every moment of it and I fell more in love with it. I was laughing out loud I did not even care the hard glare I earned from my workmates. You cannot blame me! This book made me forget everything! I told you I was L-O-S-T in the moment. So just a fair warning, make sure not to read this book in a populated area. ;) You'll never know if your loling all by yourself they might think your crazy or you're flushed because of those steamy hot scenes.

It's a must read! Highly recommended! So with the next book in line?uh...uh..I THATCH that!!!

My heart in your hands and you in my arms, that’s all I’ll ever need.

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Surely guys I can't wait for you to read this!!!!!

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