Review: Hothead by Stella Rhys

April 7, 2018

Title: Hothead
An Irresistible Series Standalone
Author: Stella Rhys
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 3, 2018


He's the hottest player in Major League Baseball, the most notorious playboy in all of Manhattan...

And my fake fiancé for the next three months.

I was drunk-dialing my ex the night I met him.

Six-three, sexy as sin and so incredibly rude I could smack the asshole smirk right off his face. Long story short, we got off to a bad start. But when the tabloids interpret our sparring as Drew Maddox "groveling" with a "mystery brunette," his agent presents us both a proposal:

Shacking up as a couple this summer.

It’s an alleged “win-win.” I need to prove to my ex that I'm fine. Drew needs to prove to his team that he's stable. Thanks to his on-field brawling and never-ending lady drama, Drew Maddox has suddenly found himself on the trade block - which means he needs a fast, easy way to show the team that he's settled down.

Hence this fiancé thing. 

Our fights are real, our kisses are fake, and thanks to the nonstop heat between us, I’m starting to mix up all my signs. But whether it’s real or fake, there’s one thing I do know:

I’m already addicted.

I would like to thank Stella Rhys for keeping me up all night long reading. I hold her totally responsible for my lack of sleep. Her writing is just too damn good! How can I be expected to control myself under those conditions? My Friday wasn't the least bit productive due to me being a walking zombie and all, but I guess I can't really complain. I had such a great time reading Hothead that it seems like a fair trade off. Sleep is for the weak anyway!

Drew Maddox and Evie Larsen meet at a party for Evie's best friend. Evie is in the process of leaving an embarassingly drunken message on her ex-fiances voice mail when Drew approaches her with some advice. Heated banter, neck licking, and sexy lip biting ensues, and before you know it, the tabloids are saying that Drew and Evie are in a relationship. 

Drew is a star baseball player, but his team is seriously thinking about trading him due to his hothead ways. His agent, Iain, thinks having a steady relationship and settling down might make the team see that he is changing for the better. He advises Drew to get Evie to agree to pretend to be in a relationship with him, but makes him promise not to sleep with her. Iain doesn't want him to do anything to jeopardize the arrangement. 

To Drew's surprise, Evie accepts his proposition rather quickly. She needs a place to stay now that her fiance left her and took their new apartment. Not only that, but as Drew points out, seeing her with him might be just the thing to make her ex come around. 

Drew and Evie's fake relationship gets real...real quick. They both want each other badly, and as time goes on, reasons to hold out seems less and less convincing. The only problem is Drew doesn't do relationships period. He ices out everyone that tries to get close to him. Will Evie wind up with frostbite just as things between the two of them really start to heat up? 

I first met Drew in Dirty Deeds and fell in love with him immediately. I've been patiently waiting for his book ever since, and even with all my expectations, it did not disappoint in the slightest! He's cocky in more ways than one (if you know what I'm saying 😏), charming, talented, sexy af, and nothing but solid muscle. I dare you not to fall for Drew! Bottomline, I added a new book boyfriend to my collection! I'll leave it at that.  

Evie is Drew's perfect match. At first, I worried she would irritate me pining over her ex all the time or that she would be a weak, and we all know how much I hate a weak heroine. She completely surprised me though! I wound up absolutely loving her, and I have no doubts you will, too.

These two together are pure perfection! You will need a fan, some water, and some new panties, because Hothead is hot af!! Stella has sexual tension down to an art! I'm not exaggerating in the least. You can literally feel everything the characters feel. When Evie's heart starts beating faster, yours will, too, and that's not the only physical response you'll have reading her exchanges with Drew either! On second thought, maybe you should have more than one pair of panties on hand. You might need them! On top of their insane chemistry, Drew and Evie bring out the best in each other. I smiled and swooned the whole way through their story. 

Every single time I open a book by this author, I know without a doubt that I'm going to enjoy it. That isn't something I can say for almost anyone. If you've never read a book by Stella Rhys, this is a great time to start! She has several spectacular books out there for you to choose from, but this is definitely one of my favorites!  Hothead is well-written, captivating, steamy, heartwarming, and fun! I recommend it to every romance fan!  

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Author Bio

Stella Rhys is an author of contemporary romance and can't help but write it hot, steamy and borderline filthy (just kidding, it's just flat-out filthy). Writing aside, she lives for coffee, the Knicks, the Yankees and cooking recipes way out of her league. She was born and raised in New York and now lives there with her husband and charmingly entitled fur babies.

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  1. Awesome review jessica!! Great blurb too!! Shared on all my socials!!

    1. Thank you so much, Kathy! ❤ I hope you give this one a try! Xoxo