Review: Ambivalent by Stefanie G. Torres

April 27, 2018



Stefanie G. Torres


I had a job to do.
An assignment I had been hoping for.

To anyone else it might have appeared easy.

Interview the well-known plastic surgeon, Dr. Kean Bennett.

Determined to succeed, I powered right into it.

Except the man hated the media with an inexplainable passion.
And he despised me for being another annoying journalist chasing a story.
His story.

That’s when I screwed up.
I gave the surgeon the power to destroy me.
Complete obliteration.

I’ve always believed there could be good hiding in the darkness, but maybe I was mistaken.

My problem?
I came to that conclusion much too late.
I had already risked my life to get what I wanted.


Ambivalent by Stefanie Torres is my first read by this author, and it surprised me in a few ways. One, I thought I had a vague idea about what kind of book this was going to be, and I was completely wrong. Two, the romance between the two main characters wasn't what interested me the most about the novel. Three, it ended in a way I never would have expected!

Ciaran, a writer for Polish magazine, gets an assignment that countless people before her have found impossible to complete. She's tasked with interviewing Kean, a hot plastic surgeon that's notorious for turning down every interview that comes his way. Women want the inside scoop on his personal life, and Ciaran's boss wants her to get it... no matter what. 

Ambivalent is a romantic suspense novel that kept me guessing until the end. The book begins slowly, but quickly picks up the pace when Ciaran begins receiving threats and the mystery begins to take center stage. I love a good mystery, and it's no surprise to me that it was my favorite aspect of this book. 

The best part is I never saw the ending coming which rarely happens to me in books like these. For a debut author to pull that off is commendable! I can honestly say I never even suspected it! 

If you're looking for a mystery heavy romance with a surprise ending, this one's for you! 


Author Information
Stefanie G. Torres can often be found downing numerous cups of coffee, stumbling into odd situations nice normal people tend to avoid, refusing to answer her cell phone because she is too busy writing, or devouring other author’s books. (Romance is her favorite genre but she is pretty much open to anything).
On occasion, she gets sidetracked by squirrels and attempts to rescue animals whether they need to be rescued or not.
She has always held a deep admiration for authors because she believes they are true superheroes who are fearless and have the ability to use their writing powers to influence the world. 
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