Blog Tour with Review: Welcome to The Dark Side by Giana Darling

April 27, 2018

Title: Welcome to the Dark Side
Series: The Fallen Men Series #2
Author: Giana Darling
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: April 20, 2018

I was a good girl.

I ate my vegetables, volunteered at the local autism centre and sat in the front pew of church every Sunday.
Then, I got cancer.
What the hell kind of reward was that for a boring life well lived?
I was a seventeen-year-old paradigm of virtue and I was tired of it.
So, when I finally ran into the man I'd been writing to since he saved my life as a little girl and he offered to show me the dark side of life before I left it for good, I said yes.
Only, I didn't know that Zeus Garro was the President of The Fallen MC and when you made a deal with a man who is worse than the devil, there was no going back...
This is Daddy Zeus Garro's story from Lessons In Corruption. A standalone in The Fallen Men Series.

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Oh my ovaries!!!

I had a feeling I was going to really like this book but damn it, no one told me that I was going to fall head over heels in love with a bad a**s biker. Zeus Garro is going on my favorite book boyfriend list because the things that man said and did had me like…. 

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Welcome To The Dark Side is a forbidden romance between two people who came from different worlds but one moment, solidified their future. It was raw, sexy, enticingly forbidden and I loved every second of this messed up ride! I haven’t read an MC book in a very long time and the moment I started this, I felt like I was at home. 

There’s something to be said about wanting the untouchable and walking on the wild side of danger. Whether it’s the rush that flows through your veins and gives you the best high imaginable, or the seduction of being able to have something so good, you would rather suffer the consequences. We’ve all wanted something that we couldn’t have and Louise Lafayette was no different. 

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Ten years ago, Louise’s life was changed in an instant. One moment, one decision, altered her future without her ever realizing it. But because of that moment, Lou met her guardian monster and little does she know it, this man would become her everything. Right or wrong, good or bad, this was the beginning of a very complicated love story. 

There’s so much that I want to say about this damn story but I cant!!! I wasn’t expecting to be so consumed by these characters but I was. I didn’t think that it was possible for me to fall in love with a criminal , but I did. I’ve never seen two people who were that perfect for each other in a long time and I felt the love down in to my bones!. The sacrifices, betrayal, and every loss, was important to these characters and their overall future.

If you’re looking for an extremely forbidden biker romance, I highly recommend this one. 

Please note: Daddy Zeus is MINE! I already licked the cover, burned the restraining order, and named all our future babies in alphabetical order so back off! 

Giana Darling is a Canadian romance writer who specializes in the taboo and angsty side of love and romance. She currently travels Europe with her best friend, an overstuffed suitcase and a mission to eat and drink as much French, Italian and Greek food as possible. While lounging on white beaches, drinking sangria on patios and sleeping in villas, she is hard at work on Cosima Lombardi’s dark romance, The Enslaved Duet, coming summer 2018!


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