Review: Sex, Heat, and Hunger, Part 2 by Whitley Cox

December 20, 2017

Sex, Heat and Hunger: Part 2

A continuation of the epic love story.


From handshake to obsession...

Emma Everly only ever dreamed of meeting a man like millionaire project developer James Shaw. She never imaged she would fall in love with him, a man so intense, so dominating he radiates power and control no matter where he goes. What begins as a sex-only arrangement for pleasure becomes a heated, hungry, all-consuming obsession. James claims the keys to her heart and her mind, opening them to the wilder side of sex and bondage. But her painful history with relationships gets in the way of accepting that he finds her beautiful and worthy of love.

James is devoted to caring for Emma’s every need, but his past haunts him, too. Guarded and evasive, he avoids Emma’s questions, unwilling to divulge his secrets. She knows the only way to truly earn James’ trust and get him to open his heart is to show him just how committed she is. Despite her lingering fears and people determined to tear them apart, can she go all-in and give herself entirely to him, body and soul?

Sex, Heat, and Hunger, Part 2 picks up where the first book left off with more of the ups and downs of Emma and James' relationship. Both of these characters have baggage from previous boyfriends/girlfriends and issues they have to overcome because of that. Emma is insecure and fearful of a man trying to control her, and James is controlling and possessive. It would seem that this couple doesn't belong together based on that alone, but each of them are exactly what the other needs. They are forced to confront their demons head on over and over again and learn how to deal with them as a result.
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We found out a lot about Emma in the previous installment, so I enjoyed getting to dig a bit more into James' in this book. He was the most intriguing secondary character to me in the beginning of the series, and I'm glad to finally have his story. As a whole, he turned out to be very different than what I assumed he would be. Based on what I saw of him in books 1 & 2, I figured he would be an asshole hero, but instead, he is actually very sweet. He tries his best to do right by Emma, and I think she is one lucky girl!
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In Parts 1 and 2 of Emma and James' story, we watch the love and connection between the two of them spark and grow before our eyes. Aside from the fact that James is filthy rich and one more thing which I don't want to spoil lol, this book portrays a relationship that feels incredibly REAL. In many romances, the love between the hero and the heroine happens too quickly, and you are left scratching your head thinking.... isn't it way too soon to say I love you? Boo, you barely know him! Lol Not in these books! I found myself questioning them when they were uncertain about their feelings or making bigger commitments to each other.Come on, haven't you been together long enough now to know that?!
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.....Only 6 months? Damn! It seems much longer to me! lol Needless to say, the development of the romance between the characters is extremely well done.

Sex, Heat, and Hunger, Part 2 is a satisfying conclusion to a wonderful romance. There is plenty of emotion, steam, and drama to keep you entertained throughout both of the books! The writing is fabulous as always, and I was invested in the characters relationship from the moment they met.
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I recommend this one to fans of contemporary romance, and I look forward to reading more of Whitley's work in the future!


“I’m upstairs baby,” he sang playfully, the melody in his voice hinting at all kinds of surprises. I tossed my bag and purse on the dining room table, kicked my pumps off at the foot of the stairs and slowly started my ascent. If I was going to take on the role of the Dominant tonight, I was going to have to make him wait, I wasn’t going to come when he called, as badly as I wanted to, all I wanted to do was come. As I entered the master bedroom, I was momentarily stunned. There he was, on the bed, with the duvet pulled down and crisp white sheets beneath his hard, very hard naked body, wearing nothing but a smile while his dark dilated eyes screamed, “I’m going to fuck you until you can no longer walk.”

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