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December 14, 2017

One Night To Fall

Kelsey Kingsley


Patrick Kinney wasn't a god.

He was a parasite.

And nobody worships a parasite.

Patrick Kinney was a glob of sticky, persistent peanut butter stuck to the roof of Kinsey McKenna's mouth, and she craved him.

In fact, she had been craving him ever since he set foot in River Canyon, Connecticut, when they were just three years old. And she hated it every step of the way. (Well, sort of.)

But Patrick has a plan to fix it, and set the wrong things right. Can he turn it all around with one night and a sweet, but painful, trip down memory lane?

Fall in love again in this novella of firsts, second chances, and a little town on the coast of Connecticut, where everything meant everything.

One Night to Fall is one of the cutest romances I've read all year! It's a story about childhood sweethearts/soul mates, Patrick and Kinsey, that have been separated for a decade finding their way back to each other. It flashes back and forth in time from present day to several significant memories from their past. Because of that, we are able to experience their whole journey as a couple. 

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I usually find it difficult to enjoy novellas that much, because there is such a short time to become invested in the characters. That or the book focuses on the physical aspect of the characters' relationship and not much else. Neither is the case here. I became completely immersed in the story right away. The author effortlessly pulls you in and makes you feel every emotion right along with Patrick and Kinsey. I teared up a little... more than once. I don't think I have ever done that reading a short story in my life. 

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Overall, One Night to Fall is a beautifully written, sweet romance that is sure to touch your heart! The quality of the writing alone is what made this a 5 star read for me. Everything felt so incredibly real, and it told an actual complete story which is something most novellas fall short in accomplishing. 

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I've never read anything by this author before now, but I won't hesitate to try more of her work in the future. This isn't a steamy read by any means, so if you're looking for that, keep moving. I recommend this to anyone looking for a heartfelt romance that gives a full story experience in a small package! 

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 Author's Bio:

When I was a wee lassie, I was told by my preschool teachers that I was a natural at storytelling. When I was just a little older than that, an old friend's mother said to me, "Kelsey, one day your books are going to be on the shelves at the library."

Well, Diane, I don't know if my books are ever going to be on the shelves of libraries, but I'm sure as hell going to try. When I'm not writing stories destined to be bestsellers, I enjoy devouring TV shows, listening to every type of music there is and going to concerts, reading pretty much anything (with a soft spot for romance and certain books located in 18th century Scotland), obsessing over makeup, and pretending to workout.

I also have a fondness for cats, my family, tattoos, and a really good French fry.

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