Release Day Blitz & Book Review : MANAGED by Kristen Callihan

November 14, 2016


It started off as a battle of wits. Me: the ordinary girl with a big mouth against Him: the sexy bastard with a big...ego. I thought I’d hit the jackpot when I was upgraded to first class on my flight to London. That is until HE sat down next to me. Gabriel Scott: handsome as sin, cold as ice. Nothing and no one gets to him. Ever. He’s a legend in his own right, the manager of the biggest rock band in the world, and an arrogant ass who looks down his nose at me. I thought I’d give him hell for one, long flight. I didn’t expect to like him. I didn’t expect to want him. But the biggest surprise? He wants me too. Only in a way I didn’t see coming. If I accept his proposal, I leave myself open to falling for the one man I can’t manage. But I’m tempted to say yes. Because the real man beneath those perfect suits and that cool façade just might be the best thing that’s ever happened to me. And I just might be the only one who can melt the ice around his heart.   Let the battle begin…  

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5.0 "Sunshine & Chatty Girl"Stars!!

Be still my heart! This series is getting better and better and oh so damn great up until now I'm still loving the feeling I have with me. That feeling when you remember the book and all you can do is smile so wide and if only my face could be transformed to any emojis then mine would be a BIG LIKE and the a smiling face with heart shaped eyes. And not just only that, MANAGED ruined my reading time table. I cannot read anything for days now because I am obsessing with it like it's part of me and all I can do is just sigh and dream....

Who wouldn't when you're in for a great treat with Scottie and Sophie? Man these two are just the right and perfect chemistry. I have loved their character portrayal. Each is so unique and adorable it's so hard not to fall in love with them. Scottie ma be so cold as ice but this man is sure could melt any panties. I've been obsessing with him all throughout the book and have licked all the pages with his name on it because I was just so in love with him. This man behind the exterior that is standoffish and arrogant is a man capable of love but scared to let someone in. Until Sophie...

“You are my greatest weakness because I have no defense when it comes to you.
This girl. I could lose myself over this girl. Who would have thought?
Who would have thought indeed? But when you met Sophie you'll definitely understand why. She's not just quirky and sassy but is so chatty too. She's so adorable and her inner monologues are so hilarious you cannot help yourself from laughing so loud with tears in your eyes. Any man with a heart as cold as Scottie will definitely melt over this woman. Their witty banters and bickering is just a sight to behold. Even the simple gestures could make you swoon. I tell you this, their interaction is FLAT OUT SWOONY!
“Oh, I bet you’d find that marvelous; all of us helpless women just smiling and nodding. Though I’m afraid it would never work on me.”“Of course not,” he deadpans. “I’m stuck next to the one afflicted with an apparently incurable case of verbal diarrhea.”“Says the man who is socially constipated.”
And did I say sexual tension? Kristen Callihan teased me to the extreme with this book. Those snuggles and bed cuddles that were their "moments" is just something so sweet but will turn you on and leave you with a female version of blue balls.
“Involuntary reaction,” Gabriel says in a strangled voice. “Ignore it.” His hard-on says otherwise. I swallow with difficulty. “Your hard dick is poking me in the ass. I can no more ignore it than if you slapped me in the face with it.”
Damn! If it was me, I will wear something so thin naked will be ashamed and just let even the tip to poke me. For fuck's sake, I will be needing it!

Seriously, Kristen Callihan delivered a story that will likely put a smile in your face all through out your journey and a laugh so loud like you're on a crack. Tease you with sexual tension that's so strong and all you can say is "fuck panties, commando it is! But more than that will leave you with heat warming feels and made you feel loved all over again. I love this book too much and if someone will ask me if I will re read it? Definitely yes! This book is the one thing you get to read over and over without getting bored. And if before you dreaded Scottie or maybe he's the last thing on your mind and opt for the other members of the band? Now is the time to change that! This man is just and his journey with Sophie is just something to look forward to. I tell you this, like me, you'll surely fall in love with this man. But then, I already called DIBS!

So now, drop everything and read Managed. Enjoy the ride that is Scottie and Sophie with the gang. Find out also how Sophie managed to let into the cold man's heart and experience for yourself when finally Scottie's wall crumbled. It's PRICELESS!
Take me, have me, love me. But I don’t need to say those things, because I know in that instant that she already does. On rumpled, linen sheets, she claims me, body and soul, and then offers herself right back. In that moment, I am no longer Scottie or Gabriel, I am something more. I am home. Finally. At last. Forever.


        I stroll toward the bedroom but come to an abrupt halt at the threshold. For a second, I can only gape at the sight that greets me. It’s so shocking, I turn around to check whether there are cameras rolling and I’m being punked. “Why are you looking about like that?” Gabriel drawls, not taking his eyes from the TV. “Just checking to make sure I hadn’t wandered into an alternate reality.” “Amusing as always, Darling.” Who could blame me for being suspicious? Gabriel Scott is out of his suit and wearing a soft, gray long-sleeve thermal and black sweats. This is shocking enough—but at least I’ve seen it before. The fact that he’s lounging in his bed, while eating some sort of dessert out of a bowl, is what has me flabbergasted. “You’re staring,” he says dryly as he… “Are you watching Buffy?” My voice has a tinge of a squeal. He rolls his eyes. “Deal with it.” “I’m just so…” My hand flutters to my chest. “Are you sure I’m not being punked?” A snort escapes him. “You’re not famous, so no. I, on the other hand, have my moments of doubt that you aren’t here to punk me.” I’m so happy, I have to fight grinning like a loon as I kick off my shoes and crawl onto the end of the bed. “If I were to punk you, I’d change out all your suits for polyester.” At that, his eyes finally slide to mine, and his skin actually pales. “That’s just cruel, Darling.” “Stop calling me that.” I steal his spoon. “It’s your name.” “Are you sure that’s what you’re calling me by?” I ask suspiciously, as he moves his bowl out of reach. “What else would I be doing?” There’s a glint in his eye that leads me to answer in a sing-song voice. “A term of endearment? Declaring your undying lurve for me.” His nose wrinkles. “You’re going to put me off my pudding.” “Pudding? Is that what you’re eating?” I lunge for the bowl, but he’s too quick, and I end up sprawled across his chest. We both go still, me clutching the spoon in one hand, my other palm pressed against the firm swell of his pec, him with one arm still outstretched, his other one pinned beneath me. His breathing goes deep and strong as he peers down at me. My attention drifts to his lips, beautifully sculpted and softly parted. How would he kiss? Would he start off slow, taking little nibbles, testing the waters? Or would he be the type to go all in, possess my mouth with his? Heat floods my body, fluttering through my belly. Gabriel’s lids lower, and his breath catches. In the background, someone is shouting Buffy’s name. It’s enough to snap me out of whatever fog that touching Gabriel has pulled me into. “You smell like apple pie,” I whisper inanely. His gaze darts from my mouth to my eyes. “It’s crumble. Apple crumble.” “Why did you call it pudding?” “It’s what we Brits call dessert.” He’s still staring at my mouth. Dessert indeed. My lips part, sheer lust making them plump. “Give me a bite.” With an audible swallow, he slowly takes the spoon from my hand. I don’t look away from his eyes as he scoops up a bit of the crumble. The spoon shakes just a little. Cool metal slides over my lower lip, and hot crumble fills my mouth. I barely suppress a moan, my lips closing around the spoon as he slowly draws it back out. He grunts in response, a short, helpless sort of sound that he quickly smothers. 
Kristen Callihan is an author because there is nothing else she’d rather be. She is a three-time RITA nominee and winner of two RT Reviewer’s Choice awards. Her novels have garnered starred reviews from Publisher’s Weekly and the Library Journal, as well as being awarded top picks by many reviewers. Her debut book FIRELIGHT received RT Magazine’s Seal of Excellence, was named a best book of the year by Library Journal , best book of Spring 2012 by Publisher’s Weekly, and was named the best romance book of 2012 by ALA RUSA. When she is not writing, she is reading.


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