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November 1, 2016


Mr. President by Katy Evans

Release Date: October 31st Genre: Contemporary Romance



He's won the hearts of millions. But is he willing to lose his?
I met the president’s son when we were both young. Matthew Hamilton was handsome, polished, and intelligent. I’d never met a guy like him.
He promised me that he’d never run for president. I promised that if he did, I’d be by his side.
Three terms later, an invitation to join Matthew Hamilton’s campaign is the most exhilarating opportunity I’ve ever experienced. I'm determined to make a difference; he is determined to win.
Focused on his goal, Matt is steadfast, ruthless, and disarming. All eyes are on him and his popularity is surging. But soon, the next possible president of the United States is possessing me in more ways than one—and despite the risks, I'm helpless to resist.
We're stealing touches, stealing moments, and stealing away at night. But our chemical connection is quickly becoming dangerously combustive, putting not only my heart, but Matt's chance at the presidency on the line.
Winning will take everything. Walking away will be the hardest thing of all.

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“No one man will bring you what you seek. No one will drop your fulfilled dreams right on your doorstep. So what is it that you want? And more importantly, what are you doing to get it?”
“Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton!”

I really dreaded politics or reading anything related to it. When I say I love to read and have been for so many years that means it's excluding politics. Sure, as an adult we cannot deny the fact that it's everywhere, it's part of our existence but to read something with it? No way!Reading is my escape to reality and to taint it with politics is just a hard limit for me until Mr. President.

Who would't when the man isn't just the Sexiest Man Alive and every woman's wet dream.He is the prince of America. "He could be talking about state taxes and by the tone in his voice, you would think he’s describing sex positions." 
Hot damn! Talk about President right?? I have been swooning over this man the entire length of the book and I tell you, My Vote is in for him!

For Charlotte, who has been crushing for him for years, 
“You’re unobtainable, Matt.” I look at his GQ-cover face. “Matt Hamilton . You’re so unobtainable you’re like a poster, something I can look at but not touch.” 

Several years of crushing turned to be more after Matt's presidential candidacy where she hired Charlotte as a political aide then turned scheduler. They might be both from political families but each don't want something from politics. Charlotte only wanted a meaningful job and a guy that she loved. Matt on the other hand, dreamed of freedom. Freedom from the privileged life his late father’s success gave him and his mother. But maybe, what you wanted before maybe different now. For Matt, after several years of laying low after his fathers assasination, he wanted to continue his legacy, and there entered Charlotte...

"She grounds me.
She obsesses me.
She fuels me.
This woman not only makes me want to be a great man, she makes me want to be the best goddamn president that ever lived."~Matt

"He won’t be the kind of man to kiss me goodnight every night. He might have so much that it’d even be understandable if he forgot your birthday. He’s not the guy you can have your happy life with; he’s the guy women throw themselves at, he’s the guy who wants more than what you can give and he will always restlessly pursue it. I know all this , but I cannot stop from moving closer."~Charlotte
In as much as they wanted to be with each other, too much is at stake, and that means Matty's Presidency. But that never stopped them from seeing each other, from the secret glances they both shared and the touches and kisses here and there. They both know it's forbidden, but Will this be just an affair or will heart's got broken?

“I’ve been trying to do the right thing. I fucking can’t,” he says.

OH my God, I LOVE THIS BOOK. I love how it was written that captivates me from start to finish. It was so addictive with just the right blend of passion, heat, drama and emotions. I even love the incorporation of political aspect. It was never boring instead so interesting because despite the political aspects in the story, it centers strongly on the romance between Matt and Charlotte. How it started, develops and grows. I just love their chemistry. It's just perfect and not OTT. My God, the attraction and the chemisty of these two is just so strong and undeniable. The forbidden touches added depth to the story without being boring or off. I love how it teases me and builds up my anticipation. Those secret glances and secret meet ups just heightened the complications and at the same time will burn you because of the hotness it brings. If only politics is as interesting and enjoyable as Mr. President and I'm so sure everybody would be so glad and in bliss. The writing? It's a given. No doubts and question about that for only Katy Evans can make politics so enjoyable and sexy plus hot as fuck it wil consume you. 

Kudos Katy Evans! You just delivered a beautiful story!
I'm so excited what's in store for us in the next book. 2017 couldn't come fast enough!

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About the Author:

Katy Evans is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Her debut REAL shot to the top of the bestselling lists in 2013 and since then 9 of her titles have been New York Times bestsellers. Her books have been translated into nearly a dozen languages across the world.

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