Review: Slow Grind by Eva Spencer

July 9, 2016

Everyone remembers their first love, especially Aubrey Rosewood. Falling for Drew Ditner made absolutely no sense, seeing as he was the biggest jerk in her older brother’s core group of friends. For years, Aubrey hid her secret, one-sided love affair until nearly a decade later when she was no longer just Max’s little sister … she was a woman.

Drew couldn’t help but notice every little thing about Aubrey. When Aubrey returned to Australia ten years after her parents divorced, she was no longer the freckled, tomboy he remembered—she was his fantasy come to life.

Dealing with Max’s illness, the pair bond over the mutual love for Max and band together to find a way to help save him. With Aubrey’s help, Max’s four best friends embark on a sexy journey to raise cash to save his life. All the while, Drew tries his hardest to keep his hands off Aubrey.

Is it even possible to ignore your desires, or is Drew doomed to break his promise to Aubrey’s brother?


What happens when your childhood best friend faces one of the most earth shattering diesase and there's nothing you could do to help him? You find a way. Even if that means putting yourself out there. LITERALLY. This is the story about four friends who were willing to do anything to save one of their own no matter what.

Max has been battling cancer off and on since he was a teenager. This time around, his prognosis is not looking too well. Having his family and friends around him and being constant supporters, Max has the one thing that someone else in his situation wouldn't have. And that is Hope. After his sister Aubrey moves back to their birthplace in Australia to be near him, Max couldn't be any more happier.

For the past nine years, Aubrey has had a pretty good life living in America. She has a wonderful best friend, and is weeks away from graduating College. But that all changes when she gets a phone call about her brother's health and life as she knows it is about ro change.

Drew has always been there for his best friend Max whenever he's needed him. Considering him as his brother, there's nothing that he wouldnt do to try and save his friend. So when everyone come up with the plan to be male strippers and raise momey for his friend's treatment, he was all in. What he wasn't comfortable with was the choreographer being his best friend's little sister. Only Aubrey isn't so little anymore and the temptation to be with her, is getting louder and louder by the minute.

Will Aubrey and Drew cross the line?

I loved the concept of this story so much. Drew and Aubrey's dedication to helping Max was awe inspirinng and I loved how they never gave up on him. Unfortuantely there were some things that felt off for me and I couldn't fully connect with some of the characters. Something was missing and towards the end, the story felt rushed and it had me doing a double take. Was I expecting that? No. I truly feel that if the storyline went a little bit more deeper, I would've enjoyed the story alot more. If you love strippers that strip for a cause, then this one is for you.

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