Release Blitz with Review: Wishes and Wings by Nina Lane

March 15, 2022


Title: Wishes & Wings
Series: Birdsong Trilogy #3
Author: Nina Lane
Genre: Forbidden Romance
Release Date: March 15, 2022


I chose this. I wanted him. I knew he was complex and challenging and that he would never fit into any kind of conventional life.

That right there is just one of the reasons I fell so hard in love with him. And why I’ll always stay exactly where I fell. There’s no rising and flying away from Darius Hawke.

❤️ New York Times bestselling author Nina Lane returns with the Birdsong Trilogy, a provocative romance between two people whose forbidden love will set their lives—and the world—on fire.







This has been one heck of a journey and reading the last few pages genuinely felt bittersweet. A part of me is extremely happy that I got to know these characters and witness their all consuming forbidden love and another part of me is sad that this is all over. But you know what they say…


After that heart stopping ending in Feathers and Flames, Nell is a woman on a mission. Leaving every stone unturned she goes out of her way to get answers and by doing so, she unknowingly dug up secrets that were meant to stay buried. Now with more urgency than ever, Nell has to decide if the one thing that she’s fighting for is worth it.


I have to say that as much as I loved these characters early on in the first book, they completely owned me in this final chapter. I’m not a fan of some of the heavy things that took place in this trilogy if i'm being quite honest, but when it comes to Nell and Daruis as characters themselves, this author truly was astounding. The growth and the fierceness that came from Nell was something that I loved watching and you couldn't help but to root for her and her goals.

As for Darius himself, there was nothing that he didn't do and when I tell you he moved heaven and earth to protect Nell, he did. What felt like it was going to be this alluring forbidden romance with roaring sexual tension, was so much more. This man fell in love and didn't even know that he was falling. He was changing right before our eyes and we witnessed his evolution to the person that he was always meant to be and that was because of Nell.


I know that not everyone is familiar with this author and her work but if you’re looking for a new trilogy to start, I highly recommend that you do it with these books. These will go down as some of my favorite books for the year so far.


Though she was born and raised in California, Nina Lane now lives in Wisconsin where the winters are freezing and the cheese is exceptional. Mom to two teenagers and a neurotic dog, she lives in two worlds—one world of laundry, driving, horses, Girl Scouts, and football, and the other of epic romances between hot alpha heroes and the women who bring them to their knees. Nina only cooks when she can’t avoid it (i.e., there are no frozen pizzas left), binge-watches serial TV whenever she can get control of the remote, and checks in about the weather daily with her meteorologist husband. She’s a fan of popcorn, actual print magazines, French Roast coffee, working out, and trying new things...especially if it’s food.


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