Release Blitz with Review: Feathers and Flames by Nina Lane

March 9, 2022


Title: Feather & Flame
Series: Birdsong Trilogy #2
Author: Nina Lane
Genre: Forbidden Romance
Release Date: March 8, 2022



"This is why I never contacted you. I still have no control around you. You want me to tell you I haven’t thought of you? That would be a damned lie. Wherever I’ve been, whatever I’ve done, I haven’t stopped thinking of you. You are always there.”


Once, I was convinced that my feelings for Darius, my love for him, were pure and real. I fought against all his perceptions of wrongness.

But that was four years ago. If I still can’t find pleasure in even the thought of kissing another man, maybe my feelings for Darius have gotten twisted and warped. Maybe they’re obsessive.

Maybe they’re wrong.

❤️ New York Times bestselling author Nina Lane returns with the Birdsong Trilogy, a provocative romance between two people whose forbidden love will set their lives—and the world—on fire.






Releasing March 15



Well we were dying for the second installment and practically begging for more and we definitely got an eyeful and then some. If you left the first book thinking that you're going to get a slow passionate reunion with hearts and flowers, then you are in for one rude awakening.

It’s been four years since Nell has seen Darius and from that time, she’s grown into a stronger independent woman who is trying to navigate a career. They say time heals all wounds but for Nell and Darius, seeing each other again after all this time is like ripping it wide open. When they’re in each other's paths for a completely different reason, temptation won't be the only thing that these two will have to face.


I really don't want to give anything away with this story but I will say that I was not expecting these turn of events. We were heavily deep into a type of storyline that felt so traumatic in a sense because you know that these things happen in real life and you want nothing more than to close your eyes and pretend that they don't exist but they do.

Even though this storyline was a bit more heavier than I anticipated, I still loved the journey. Nell and Darius went through hell and they fought and sacrificed for each other when it was needed. Their love was dangerous and beautiful and I really can't wait to see what their ending is going to look like.

If you haven't started this series yet, I highly recommend that you do.


Though she was born and raised in California, Nina Lane now lives in Wisconsin where the winters are freezing and the cheese is exceptional. Mom to two teenagers and a neurotic dog, she lives in two worlds—one world of laundry, driving, horses, Girl Scouts, and football, and the other of epic romances between hot alpha heroes and the women who bring them to their knees. Nina only cooks when she can’t avoid it (i.e., there are no frozen pizzas left), binge-watches serial TV whenever she can get control of the remote, and checks in about the weather daily with her meteorologist husband. She’s a fan of popcorn, actual print magazines, French Roast coffee, working out, and trying new things...especially if it’s food.


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