Valentine's Day Weekend Recommendations: Black Author Edition

February 12, 2021


This Valentine's Day, we're showing love to the Black authors whose stories have captured our hearts, blown our minds, and made us change our underwear! 

Without further ado, here's our list of  recommendations from our favorite Black authors! 


If I Break Series by Portia Moore

If I didn't know the first book in this series had some type of twist, I may have dnfed it halfway through. The heroine seemed a bit on the weak side for me, and I like my bitches with backbone. 

Well, I'm so fucking glad I stuck with it! It's such an unique story and not at all what it seems. The ending left me jaw dropped, and I couldn't pick up the next installment fast enough! 

If you're looking for your next mind fucking binge, look no further! This one's for you! 

*Warning: Stay away from reviews. You must go into this series blind.*

~Jessica πŸ’‹

Grab your copy here!


Unconditional by Q.B. Tyler

If forbidden, age gap romance is something you enjoy, you absolutely need this book in your life... Period! Cal and Maddie are everything and this book right here just shows the absolute talent that Tyler has at her fingertips! She had me at FORBIDDEN, my favorite! 😍

~ Denise πŸ’•

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Coach Me by Shanora Williams

Coach Me Review

Bad For Me by Shanora Williams 

Bad for Me Review

Venom and Ecstasy

Venom and Ecstasy Review


I have been a fan of this author since I read her Firenine Rockstar series, and let me tell you something about this woman: She freaking slays it!!! Dark romance? She’s got you covered. Contemporary? She’s your girl. Forbidden? Oh honey, bring the wine and just do a smoothe exhale, because she is going to take you into the delicious and sexy unknown!!! Whatever you’re in the mood for, this author has it, and that’s the reason why I love her work so much and will continue to be a life long fan.



Reckless Hate by Thandiwe Mpofu

Reckless Hate is a must read for bully romance fans! 

It's filled with gorgeous asshole alphamales and sassy females a.k.a my favorite kinds of characters! There's darkness, betrayal, mystery, violence, hatred, fierce loyalty, beautiful friendships, fucked up families, passion, romance, and steam!

The story is heartbreaking, heartwarming, interesting, and hot. All of the characters are distinct and complex, and the relationships between them are my favorite thing about this book.

Trust me, you don't want to miss this one! Put it on your tbr asap! 

Grab your copy here!

*At the time of this posting, Reckless Hate is currently unavailable on Amazon. It's supposed to return in March.* 

~Jessica πŸ’‹

Forget Me Not by Q.B. Tyler 

This book had me so emotional, it left an imprint on my heart. I seriously love this book so much and the couple, oh the couple, they had me in tears! I highlighted this book so much because Tyler just has a way of weaving words into a powerful, all-consuming love story! 

~ Denise πŸ’•

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Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan

Long Shot is a love story, but it's also so much more than that. Don't get me wrong, Iris and August's romance gave me all the feels, but Iris' personal journey in this novel touched me even more. 

Kennedy Ryan is one of those authors that doesn't just entertain you with her stories. She makes you think. She enlightens you, and sometimes, she might even change you.  

It doesn't matter if romance is your preferred genre or not. This is a book for everyone. It's a story that needs to be heard, and Kennedy did an amazing job telling it. I hope you give it a shot!

~ Jessica πŸ’‹

Grab your copy here!


Cherry Bomb by Carmel Rhodes

This author said the ultimate magic words to me: forbidden romance. Yes, that’s right. I’m a sucker for all things forbidden, so when I heard about this book called Cherry Bomb, I had to have it. Knowing that she was a brand new author to me only made things that much better, and I'm so glad that I was introduced to her work, because she's one to watch.

Click here to read my review of Cherry Bomb by Carmel Rhodes!



Lithium Spring Series by Carmel Rhodes

If you’re into rockstar romance, this series right here is everything you want to read! You get a little bit of everything like HOT AF rockstars, sassy heroines, and stories that you will LOVE! You need this series now!! #TeamFuckFace

~ Denise πŸ’•

Grab your copy here (Book One)!


Where Rivals Play series
by BB. Reid

New adult romance fans, the When Rivals Play series is a MUST READ! B. B. Reid consistently delivers all the brutal angst, hilarious banter, and steam you could want! The character development is top notch, and the romance is immaculate!

Every installment makes you fall so much harder for the entire cast of characters. In fact the whole crew's friendship is everything! I need more of it, and I can't wait to get it in the final installment of the series, The Prince and the Pawn! It's the only one I haven't read yet, but I have no doubt it will be as amazing as it's predecessors! 

~Jessica πŸ’‹

Grab your copies here!

Pretty Little Mess by Carmel Rhodes

I love when authors can write in other tropes / genres! This office romcom HAD ME feeling so many things and I just loved the characters so much! It’s a book definitely worth mentioning and Rhodes will have you begging for more!

~ Denise πŸ’•

Grab your copy here!


Truly by Carmel Rhodes

I'm actually still reading Truly, but I had to include it on this list! Dark romance is my shit, and this one is twisted from the jump! 

Trigger warnings like a motherfucker! 
This book is NOT for everyone. 

If you enjoyed Untouchable by Sam Mariano, this is the perfect book for you! It gives me the same kind of vibes. It's the kind of book that makes you want to run over the hero with your car several times, and then swoon over how thoughtful he is all while contemplating your sanity and a shot of tequila! 

Sound amazing? This one's for you! 

~ Jessica πŸ’‹

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Tortured Whispers by Danielle James

This is the book that made me fall in absolute LOVE with Danielle James and her writing. It spoke to my soul in so many ways! To me, it’s more than just forbidden romance. It’s powerful, it’s freeing, and it’s everything I needed at the time I read it! If you want to read a Danielle James book that’s forbidden, this is it! It was my first book and definitely not my last! 

~ Denise πŸ’•

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Desolate, Disgraceful, and Absolution (The Grace Trilogy) by Autumn Grey

This slow burn, friends to lovers, forbidden romance had me weak in the knees for Sol and Grace’s love and perseverance! Truly, this series is what made me fall in love with Grey and her writing! #OhMySol

~ Denise πŸ’•

Grab your copy here (Book One)!

The Grip Series by Kennedy Ryan 

The Grip series by Kennedy Ryan is one of the most unique, thought provoking, poignant, and compelling romance series I have ever read.

Flow began my love affair with these characters. Grip pulled me in deep, and Still consumed me completely!  
I loved all three of these books, but Still reached into my chest, bypassed my heart, and grabbed ahold of my soul! It's a story that I will never forget, and I promise you that you won’t either.

The topics discussed in this series are extremely difficult, but they are real, relevant, and important. Everyone should read this book! 

~Jessica πŸ’‹

Grab your copy here!


The Man I Can’t Have and The Man I Need by Shanora Williams 

By now, you know that I flove forbidden romance, and this duet right here... SO FREAKING GOOD! My first Williams’ books and definitely not my last! She knows how to really grip at your heart strings and I loved every word! You need this duet if you’re into forbidden romance and also a no limits reader!!

~ Denise πŸ’•

Grab your copy here (Book One)!


Margot by Danielle James

I loved everything about this book, it took me in for a loop! It’s like I knew what was happening and what to expect, but in true James fashion, SHE KILLED IT! The story spoke volumes to me and I was completely entranced! I didn’t even have to think or have expectations, I just knew this story was going to be amazing!! 

~ Denise πŸ’•

Grab your copy here!

Have you read & enjoyed any of these books? 

Feel free to recommend some of your favorite books by Black authors to us in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading!

We hope you've all found some new authors to stalk & books to try this Valentine's Day weekend! 

Please go check out these amazing women on Amazon for even more fantastic stories to add to your TBR!


  1. Fantastic post, lovelies! The Grip series is still one of my all-time faves, but you did introduce me to quite a few new-to-me authors. I haven't heard of some of these and a couple I didn't even know were black. So cool! And funny because I'm finding a lot of people in the blogging community didn't even know that I was black LOL. Some of us are truly color blind :)

    1. πŸ˜‚ Thank you so much, babe! ❤ I'm so sorry I'm just now seeing your comment! I'm glad we could introduce you to a few new authors! LOL Omg! πŸ˜‚ I bet a lot of people don't know the race of all three of us either!