EXCERPT REVEAL πŸ”₯ Unorthodox by K.V Rose

May 26, 2020


Take a peek inside UNORTHODOX (Sick Love Duet #1), Max and Addison’s twisted, hot, burning story full of blood and crime by Author K.V Rose, coming June 9th!.

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I see Christopher London before he sees me. 
He’s standing at the trunk of his black Mercedes, hands in his pockets, trying to pretend the unmarked cop car with the officer inside, parked just across from him in the nearly empty garage, isn’t on his payroll.
The officer, in turn, is trying to pretend he doesn’t have his gun resting against his thigh, finger on the trigger. 
I know better.
One of my guys has the cop’s head in his sights. I imagine the inside of the officer’s brains will splatter that pristine windshield before this meeting is over.
At least, I hope that’s how this will go. 
Then again, killing cops is messy. The coverup costs a lot more than I’d like to spend. 
I’m unarmed when I exit the stairwell, strolling toward Christopher with a smile on my face, Dante at my back..

Want to know more about what Max is up to? Read the rest of the Prologue at K.V’s reader group: https://bit.ly/32vtVpO or go to the link in the authors bio 😏

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