Review Blitz: Coach Me by Shanora Williams

May 15, 2020

Release Date: May 14

When I met Amber Lakes, I had no idea that she’d become a shining star in my dark, miserable life.

Her smile was never supposed to warm my heart, and the sight of her tears was never supposed to make me want to hunt down the person who’d caused them.

We were never supposed to touch, or kiss, or do so many dirty things on campus that I knew could jeopardize my career...

None of it was supposed to happen because she’s the student—my athlete—and I’m her college track coach.

I could lose everything by being with her, but I’ve fallen too damn hard, and despite how big the risks are, it’s too late to turn back now. 

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I have always loved this author and her ability to make you feel like you’re a part of all of the couple’s she’s created. She knows how to do a forbidden romance very well and when you’re finish with that story, you always have a smile on your face and find yourself breathing with a sigh of relief because all the drama and heartache you’ve just experienced? Was worth it.

Nineteen year old track star Amber Lakes has always known what she’s wanted out of life. Attend a prestigious college while being on the track team and walk away with a degree four years later. Being a fast runner is in her blood and she knows that with a talent like hers, she has the power to be unstoppable. But on her new journey to adulthood and carving out a career path, Amber is about to encounter a few rude awakenings and a distraction that has the ability to bring her seemingly normal life, a lot more complicated.


Joaquin Torres is not a man of many words. Dubbed as the a**hole coach and extremely broody, his reputation has it’s own reputation. Starting a new semester means having new students and seeing his roster for the new line up, Joaquin is hopeful that the team will be the one to watch from now. But when he sees the golden eyes freshman that runs like her life depends on it, Joaquin knows that life as he knows it, will never be the same.

I really enjoyed this story and I liked the fact that this author was not afraid to go there when it came to certain topics. You felt for Amber and everything that she had to endure and a part of me wanted to just wrap my arms around because as a woman of color myself, I understood where she was coming from. The only thing I wasn’t a fan of really was towards the end. It felt extremely rushed and I wanted to see more of Amber and Joaquin’s relationship.

If you’re a forbidden romance fan, then this one is for you

Meet Shanora Williams

Hey there! I’m Shanora Williams
I’m a down-to-earth girl from Matthews, North Carolina, a mother, a wife, and a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of over 20 self-published novels. I’m also a self-care enthusiast who loves to encourage my fellow queens to embrace who they are and to love themselves, flaws and all.

There are many things I love:
» My Family
» Writing Romance stories w/ angst
» Reading
» Flowers
» The color pink in many shades
» Meditating
» Bohemian Fashion and decor
» Dinosaurs (Jurassic World style, baby!)
» Cooking
You will most likely catch me in a cozy corner on my sofa, or in my bed, writing a new romance story, meditating, or binging on Netflix shows or movies! 

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