Review: Even When I'm Gone by Nicole Fiorina

November 1, 2019

Even When I'm Gone by Nicole Fiorina is Live and Free with Kindle Unlimited! 

Even When I'm Gone is the second book in the Stay With Me series. 


Forget everything you thought you knew. Hell, I don't even know myself anymore. For seven months I've been gone only to come back to be tested in every way possible. They say keep your enemies close, and my demons welcomed me back with open arms. My downfall is a necessary evil. But Mia is my endgame.

Seven months ago, Ollie surrendered to the darkness, abandoning me in the process. He stripped me of my walls only to leave me defenseless. Now he's back, along with fresh new faces and obstacles standing in our way. He says trust no one. Not even him. How am I supposed to be strong for us both when I'm losing my grip?

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Holy fucking shit! I did not see this story going where it did. Nicole Fiorina, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

Have you ever read a story that you thought was going to turn out one way, but then it went in such a different direction it left you jaw dropped? That's exactly what happened to me at the end of Even When I'm Gone! After I closed my mouth, I just stared out into space clutching my kindle with a goofy fucking smile on my face, and mentally added a star to my rating. If you've read this book, you may find that reaction a little weird given what occurred in the final moments of the book, but I live for that kind of shit, okay? 😂

I read so much that I'm rarely taken completely off guard in that particular way, and if this is only Nicole's second book, sign me up for all the rest! This author has balls and talent, and I have a feeling she will only get better from here.

We all know how authors can be raked over the coals for allowing their characters to be messy, flawed, conflicted, and confused. I know it has to be scary to let your characters go there and hope people don't rip you apart for it. Well, if this author worries about such things, I wouldn't know. She let's Mia and Ollie fuck up, waffle back and forth between what they want, and fuck up again. Yes, there is mental illness involved, but not all of these moments of indecision and weakness are due to that. Some are due to just being human.

As much as some people like to pretend they are perfect individuals that always know what they want and never make mistakes, in reality, that's just not the case. While I may not have made a lot of the decisions the characters did, I'm cool with the hero and heroine both being flawed and taking time to find their way back to each other and themselves. Some of those moments gave us a character that I hope we get a lot more of in the next book. I would go as far as to say the addition of that character made the book for me.

Don't get me wrong. I love Mia and Ollie together, but this new character brought this story somewhere else entirely. I anticipate a mucher darker third book, and I'm crossing my fingers that I'm right. Bring on the crazy, because I. Am. Here. For. It!

Even if that doesn't happen, I have faith in this author to work her magic and give this story the conclusion it deserves. This installment of the series is just as emotional as it's predecessor. The steamy and romantic scenes are on point. Both characters make you root for them and love them even if at some point in the story you wanted to strangle the shit out of them.

Overall, totally recommend to everyone interested in the series due to the blurbs, subject matter, or reviews. If you haven't read Stay With Me, go back and do that first. This is a series, and the books have to be read in order. If you've already read the first book, definitely pick up this one. It wasn't what I thought it was going to be, and honestly, the last couple of chapters surprised the hell out of me.

New adult romance fans, this one's for you!

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About the Author

Nicole Fiorina is an independent author, debuting her first book, Stay With Me, the first novel in a series. 

Her writing style is unapologetic and emotional, striving to push buttons, hearts, and limits. Nicole’s books fall under New Adult, Contemporary Romance, as well as an Urban Fantasy project lined up in the future. 

A lover of music, especially classic rock, she can rap most Eminem songs, dance, dabbles on the piano, and likes to use power tools and a paint brush. She’s addicted to coconut berry Red bull, coffee, and root beer, and makes sure to force down water to appease her mother. When she’s not writing, she’s probably chauffeuring her kids around, at family gatherings, or sleeping.

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