Book Review: Cards of Love, The Lovers by Fiona Cole

November 10, 2019

Cards of Love: The Lovers by Fiona Cole
I loved him first.
Jake was my best friend in college-my very straight best friend, until one night he was more. He may have ran after what happened between us, but I never forgot him.
When fate puts us in the same place, five years later, he has a fiance by his side. Carina is beautiful, driven, and draws my attention almost as much as he still does.
A game of truth or dare leads to a wild night and a relationship that has all our feelings growing into something bigger than any of us intended.
But what happens when our feelings deepen? Can I handle being with two people?
If it means I can have him, I’ll love them both.

After the first page, I was instantly hooked!  Fiona Cole grabbed my attention and held it the whole way through with her compelling writing style and storytelling.

The Lovers kept me on my toes, a guessing game between who's heart is really with who and who's feelings are true. With that, I couldn't stop turning the pages and I didn't want to. Who knew a simple game of truth or dare can turn into something so much more?

Carina, Jake, and Jackson didn't think as such when they first started this little game of Truth or Dare. The chemistry between the three were off the charts, deliciously dropping off the pages, and sexy as hell! But as they got deeper in this game, the emotions got stronger, things become more clear, and the game just wasn't a game anymore.

My heart broke for all three of them for all different sorts of reasons. Cole's storytelling does that to you. Their personal stories, their heartbreak, and their pain... my god. My heart couldn't handle it! But within all of that, Cole was about to tell a story about self-acceptance, to put yourself first, and to love.

 To love hard, to love fierce, and just to love.
Five dreamy stars: πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«

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