Book Review: The Glue by K Webster

November 9, 2019

The Glue by K Webster


I’m a fixer. A lover. Always searching for the right fit. And I come up empty every time.
My desires are unusual. I don’t feel whole until I’m in the middle, holding it all together. Which makes having a romantic relationship really difficult.
Until them. Two people. An unraveling marriage. Love on the rocks. And they want me. To put them back together again.
Problem is, once they’re fixed, where does that leave me? I sure as hell hope I stick like glue.
***This story is MMF.***

I devoured this book within a few hours and K Webster never ever disappoints
Her taboo treats are my absolute favorite, so I knew what to expect when diving in!

This is my first full MMF book ever! And I have to say that I enjoyed this so much that I ignored all my adult duties just to keep on turning the pages with this one!

I read about Aiden and Anthony in Lawn Boys, and boy did I love the fuck out of the them! So when I heard that The Glue was coming out and Aiden was in it, I knew I had to one-click immediately!

I always was intrigued in knowing what happened to Aiden since I read Lawn Boys, and Webster always sets her stories up perfectly to the T!! As soon as we learned about our couple, I really felt for Vale and Vaughn Young’s marriage, and it that was on the rocks. It broke my heart!

Then enters Aiden Blakely who grows attached and loves so fucking hard. He was in a dilemma, a crossroads of sorts. He knew how attracted he was to his professor, Mr. Young, while in lecture.
But then the minute he walked into the coffee shop and set eyes on his boss, Vale, he couldn’t deny his attraction. He couldn’t decide who he wanted more, but for certain, he wanted them both.

All three of them navigated through what they had with open communication and trust! It wasn’t always perfect, but they got through the rocky parts in a way that they knew, and that was together. I was glad to see their happiness through! Aiden was certainly the glue in Vale and Vaughn’s marriage, and it’s was much more deeper than the hot, steamy sex. The chemistry between Vale, Vaughn, and Aiden was unlike anything I’ve read before. Filled with compassion, love and so, so hot!!

 Five Dreamy Stars: šŸ’«šŸ’«šŸ’«šŸ’«šŸ’«

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