Release Blitz with Review: Bad by L.P.Lovell and Stevie J Cole

November 9, 2017

Title: Bad
Series: Bad. Dirty. Power. #1
Authors: LP Lovell & Stevie J. Cole
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: November 7, 2017


True power is never held by good men, only the most perfect of villains. And she and I are both villains…

Two very bad people who want very bad things are never safe together.

Some love stories have no heroes.

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I learned early in life that honor and dignity do nothing but limit your power. 

Well this was one messed up couple that had me questioning their state of mind from the moment I finished reading the prologue. They say that there’s a someone for everyone and after reading this, I think it’s true because crazy, attracts crazy!

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Money, drugs, weapons, murder, you name it and Ronan Cole has his fingers in it. Known as the most feared and ruthless man in Russia with his ever growing Empire, he is not a man to be played with and if you think that crossing him will somehow dethrone him, you’re sadly mistaken. Everything has a plan and with the ultimate goal in reach, Ronan will stop at nothing for his end game even if that means taking an innocent pawn. But little does he know, this woman is not so innocent. 

“Her absolute disregard for death incites me. Her blatant disrespect enrages me. Her volatile personality entices me”. 

Blood, Torture, betrayal, it’s all in the name of Power and with the stakes so high, not everyone will be left standing. Power comes in different forms and the only thing worse than having that, is letting it get into the wrong hands. But there’s a game to be played and if there’s anything that Ronan can do, is play the game very well. All is fair in War & Power.

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With a cliffhanger that is going to test your hand smacking skills, Bad is guaranteed to take you on a crazy ride. I will say that I did have an issue and something felt off when it came to the storyline, but it still held my attention and I have to admit that Camila and Ronan were crazy AF with their antics, and I enjoyed it. 

If you’re new to the Dark scene reads, then I think that this is the perfect book for you to get started with. Please be advised that this does end on a messy cliffhanger. 

Bad is my first read by the author duo, Stevie J. Cole and LP Lovell. I had no idea what to expect from their writing, but this cover called to me! I needed to know just how bad that man was and all the dark and dirty things he was going to inevitably do! I love the naughty ones, and Ronan Cole is very naughty! 

A bad boy/bad girl romance is everything I want and rarely get! I haven't read a good one in a while, and when I realized that Ronan's captive was as crazy and evil as he was, I was damn near giddy! In most dark romances I read, someone always has to be noble and good hearted. Boo! There is nothing I love more than a big, bad, alpha, asshole hero! Add in an equally strong, malevolent heroine, and you have perfection according to me! 

Ronan is a ruthless criminal and businessman that everyone fears...everyone except his new captive, Camilla Estrada. A Bratva king and Cartel queen, they are both volatile, unhinged, and morally challenged individuals hungry for power and thirsty for blood. Buried underneath their mutual hatred for each other is respect along with intense and insatiable lust. They are a match made in hell with their biggest difference being that she doesn't have control over her rage, and he refuses to lose control of his. To say the situation gets complicated and confusing to them both real quick would be a bit of an understatement.

From the beginning, I wanted nothing more than for Ronan and Camilla to cut the bullshit and just be together, but it's not so simple. Neither of them can trust the other, and both of them know if they let their guard down for even a moment, they could potentially meet a premature demise. How can you love someone that wants to kill you? Better yet, how can you love someone you want to kill? 

Ronan and Camilla feed off each other's depravity, and I loved every minute of it! The tension between them was ever present, and it made the moments they interracted that much more electric! I could feel the push and pull of power flow between them, and by the end, I was as drunk off of it as they were! 

Bad by Stevie J. Cole and LP Lovell is dark, depraved, and beautifully bloody. I enjoyed all of the insanity and the violence just as much as the steam. Call me a sick bitch, but I couldn't get enough! The reason I wasn't able to rate this higher is despite how much I enjoyed it, something was off in the writing especially in the first half of the book. I can't quite put my finger on it, but some pieces of the story were just too much and didn't flow naturally the way they should have. It really bothered me, because I loved most everything else about it.

Just to warn you, this ends on one hell of a cliffhanger. I'm letting you know, because I don't want you blaming me when you get to the end. The last line of the book is, "The End, Please don't stab us. <3" That should give you a pretty good idea of what you're getting into. I don't mind the ending, because I'm relatively certain I know what the outcome will be. Either way, you've been warned! I recommend this one for fans of dark romance and to readers who want to tiptoe into the dark for the first time! 

LP Lovell

Lauren Lovell is an indie author from England.

She suffers from a total lack of brain to mouth filter and is the friend you have to explain before you introduce her to anyone, and apologise for afterwards.

Lauren is a self-confessed shameless pervert, who may be suffering from slight peen envy.

LP loves to hear from readers so please get in touch.


Stevie J. Cole

Stevie J. Cole lives deep in the woods of Alabama with her husband and two precious daughters. She studied Epidemiology concentrating on cancer research but has always had a passion for writing. Some of her stories will strip you bare, some will give you nightmares, but the one thing she can promise is that she will always give you stories that make you feel.

Raw. Gritty. Love.
Because sometimes characters need to be flawed.

P.S. Stevie's greatest fear is the impending zombie apocalypse. Think about it: swarming armies of decaying, oozing corpses stumbling around with clicking teeth, trying to eat your face. Nothing about that is good. NOTHING!


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