Review: Kneel by Dani René

September 28, 2017


KNEEL by Dani René

The Sins of Seven Series Dark/BDSM Romance


She wasn't meant to fall in love with me. And she certainly wasn’t meant to see the monster I hide. My emotions were firmly locked away, never to be found, but as much as I control most things in life, I couldn't control my heart.
She exposed my darkest desires, and begged for them and I unleashed hell on her body, while I shattered her heart. I made her kneel, but in that moment I broke the only jewel I ever owned.
What will she do when she learns the truth I hide?
Behind every shattered heart is a fractured soul. I was always broken. He believes he's responsible, but he wasn’t the one to fragment my sanity. Even though he hid his depravity behind a suit and tie, I uncovered it. And I found more to the monster.
In our darkness, I discovered emotion so profound I hungered for it. Begged for him to give me everything he could. The one thing I didn’t count on was my heart getting in the way. I did kneel. I did care. And then I fell.
What will he do when he sees my tormented pieces?
*This is a dark erotic romance with BDSM elements. Due to scenes of an adult nature, this book is for 18+ ONLY.

Kneel is the first installment in the new Sins of Seven series by Dani Rene. If I had to describe this book in only two words, those words would be dark and dirty. Lucky for me, that’s just the way I like them!

Nate is a Dominant that derives pleasure from humiliating and degrading women. Their tears feed the monster that lies within him. He never has a woman for more than one night, because there is no point. Monsters can’t love. They can only destroy. He learned that lesson early on, so he believes he is actually doing the women he’s with a favor by discarding them quickly. Nate never had trouble walking away from anyone until he met Eva.

Eva’s father died when she was just a teenager. She endured things after that no child should have to. After leaving the hell she called home, she befriended a man named Carrick that introduced her to the world of bdsm. From the very beginning, she knew that it was a world she needed to be a part of. Eva is a submissive whose tastes lean a little on the dark side. She likes it rough, but if it seems nonconsensual, she likes it even better. On the night she meets Nate, he gives her what she craves sexually, but what she doesn’t expect is for him to take a piece of her heart in the process.

Against Nate’s better judgement, he asks for one more night with Eva. She agrees, and that night turns into weeks. Neither of them have ever felt more at peace with anyone else and ending their time together isn’t something either of them can imagine. Unfortunately, that might not be up to them. An outside force has had a hand in their relationship from the beginning, and they possess the ability to devastate them both.

Kneel is an erotic bdsm romance with a broken asshole hero and a sweet, shattered heroine. The author’s writing style kept me flipping the pages, the story held my interest, and the sex was intense and abundant. As for the characters, I’m not going to say that I loved Nate, because I didn’t. Assholes are my kryptonite, but there was something about him that frustrated me throughout much of the story. However, I understood why he was the way he was, and in the end, I wanted him and Eva together. She deserved her happy ending, and I felt a lot for her character. Nate and Eva are two tortured souls that recognize the broken parts of each other and together they are made whole. This book might not be for everyone, but if you like your romance dark and depraved with a minimal amount of sweetness sprinkled in for good measure, this might be the book for you!








Book two of The Sins of Seven Series
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Dani is a fan of dark romance that grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go. It's from this passion that her writing has evolved from sweet and romantic, to dark and delicious. It's in this world she's found her calling, growing from strength to strength and hitting her stride.
On a daily basis she has a few hundred characters, storylines, and ideas floating around in her head. From the feisty heroines she delivers, to the dark, dominant alphas that grace the pages of her books, she's promises light in a world filled with danger and darkness.
She has a healthy addiction to reading, TV series, music, tattoos, chocolate, and ice cream
Much love xo

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