Release Blitz : Stolen Time by S. L. Ziegler

March 14, 2017

Title: Stolen Tyme
Author: S.L. Ziegler
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 14, 2017


Time doesn't heal.
Time hurts.
Makes you stronger, rougher,
And smarter.

Now that I'm back,
Xavier Scott can't hurt me again,
Won't hurt me.
I've seen my share of pain,
Felt it,
Owned it,
And released it.

After one look,
One touch,
One tremble,
And I'm that broken, naive girl again.

I want him,
My body aches for him,
My soul needs him.
But, my head will be damned to fall for that again,
Fall for X.

He stole my heart before,
But not this tyme.


Xavier fell in love with his best friend, Lock’s nineteen year old daughter, Naomi. In Broken Tyme, we watched as he pushed her away so she would pursue her dreams in New York. It’s been seven years, and health issues caused by the stress of her professional life force Naomi to come back home. Though so much time has passed, Xavier still has deep feelings for her. Naomi may still have feelings for him too, but she doesn’t want him back in her life. Eventually, Xavier begins to break down Naomi’s resolve, and she decides to give him another chance. 

Xavier has a twelve year old daughter, Charlie, who is the number one priority in his life. Naomi and Charlie form an immediate bond, and for a while everything is perfect. Of course, that happiness doesn’t last forever. Misunderstandings, insecurities from the past, and hurtful words said out anger threaten their happy ending. Some things can’t be taken back, and when Xavier pushes Naomi away again, she has no intentions of returning.

It isn’t often that I fall more in love with the heroine then I do with the hero, but that was the case here. Naomi is a pretty awesome chick in my book. While she treated Charlie like her own, she tried hard to never overstep her boundaries or let her fights with Xavier affect her relationship with his daughter. I felt an instant connection with her. When she was hurt or angry, I felt it, and I always understood her motivations and reasoning for her actions. She never behaved in an irrational or immature manner despite her age. In my opinion, she handled herself infinitely better than Xavier most of the time. Naomi is a beautiful, old soul with amazing talent and a heart of gold that Xavier was damn lucky to have.

Xavier drove me up the wall for a large portion of this book. I mean it when I tell you that I wanted to beat his ass for some of the things he did. When he does get his ass kicked in the story, it made me happy, because he deserved it. Now, don’t think that Xavier is all bad, because he’s not. Xavier is a phenomenal father to Charlie, and it is clear that he loves Naomi with all of his heart. He is just too stupid to realize his self-doubt, guilt, and insecurities are getting in the way of his relationship with her. 

Xavier used to be a popular musician until he got caught up in the lifestyle and became an drug addict. He was barely around for the first two years of Charlie’s life, and that kills him every day of his. Being clean and sober for nearly a decade doesn’t mean that he dealt with all of his demons. Fear of making the same mistakes and the guilt that he put drugs before his child dictate a lot of his decisions. I couldn’t judge the man as harshly for that reason. That being said, it was still hard for me to forgive him of everything, but in the end, I did. All the groveling he did definitely helped me with that.

Naomi and Xavier’s story is the first that I have read by S. L. Ziegler, but I won’t hesitate to pick up another one. This story pulled at my heart from the very beginning, and if there is anything that is important to me in a story, it’s that the author makes me FEEL. I need to feel for the characters and be invested in their relationship. The characters have to feel real for that to happen, and these characters certainly did. Stolen Tyme is a second chance romance that is wonderfully written, emotional, steamy, perfectly paced, and full of angst. If that sounds appealing, then I recommend this one to you!

**Don’t forget to read the beginning of Naomi and Xavier’s story in Broken Tyme before you pick up this one!**

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Author Bio

S L is a self-described book junkie. She spent her whole life with her head in the clouds, dreaming of characters and imagining how their stories will play out. It wasn’t till later when those stories in her head became too much to handle and made it onto paper. When SL isn’t reading or writing, she is spending her time with her two crazy kids and husband. Where they reside in a home just outside of Atlanta. SL is true buckeye fan and lives for the weekends where she can drink a glass of wine and devour the books waiting on her Kindle.

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