Release Blitz & Book Review : Tapping Her by Max Monroe

June 20, 2016

Disclaimer: Max & Monroe (collectively, “Max Monroe”) shall not be held liable (whether under fictional contract or pretend tort) for:

1.     personal injuries that may occur while reading that are due to laughing too hard. This includes and is not limited to: falling out of bed, hitting your spouse in the face with your kindle, going into labor while laughing, etc.

2.     book hangovers

3.     feelings of impatience after finishing Tapping Her and while waiting for Banking the Billionaire to release in July

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Wohooooo!!! Max Monroe did it again and more! It was freaking hilarious and downright amusing. I was loling and chuckling that made me earned a hard glare from my workmates but I don't care because what I read is just utterly perfect for a long day's work. Oh dang! I read this book in one sitting and I was so damn glad to have a peak of Kline and Georgie's honeymoon. As always, Max Monroe could knock it off to loling hilarious scenes, swooning to death and to making you hot and bothered because damn she/they could make a mean sex scene that was just sizzling hot that would definitely leave a wet spot on your knickers. I miss this two so damn much that I devoured every word and I was again hooked to the point that I finished it in just two fucking hours!!!! And that was me trying to slowly read it because I don't want it to end no matter if it was a novella.

Added up with Cassie and Thatch scenes and I was like... Yes fucking way to this two!! The sexual tension and their chemistry is just building up as the story progresses and I am so damn sure their share is more than you can imagine and I am so damn excited to dive in to theor story! And oh how could I forget to mention Walter and his love??? Oh yeah!!! This cat is really fucking with my head but I love this grumpy cat to death and now there's an addition to the family!!

Seriously Tapping Her is crazy good and just the perfect read after a long day's work! Can't wait for the next book!! I am so excited what Max Monroe is in store for us!


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