REVIEW: COLLABORATION by Michelle Lynn and Nevaeh Lee

May 25, 2015

Collaboration (Backlash, #1)This is not your typical rock star romance. For one, the “rock star” is a rapper. And not just any rapper. Trace is the hottest ticket in the music industry right now, regardless of which definition of ‘hot’ you choose.
Taryn Starr is not the girl-next-door who unknowingly meets a celebrity. Known as “America’s Sweetheart,” the reigning country music princess and world-renowned superstar knows exactly who Trace is…or does she?
Their worlds collide when the musicians whose paths were never destined to cross are forced by their joint record label to collaborate on a song. The sparks fly and ignite a fire that blazes hotter with every minute they spend together—for better or worse. One thing’s for certain, the two media magnets can’t deny their explosive chemistry, but will life in the spotlight ultimately bring Trace and Taryn together or force them apart?

First of all, the cover is GORGEOUS, and I feel like it sums up the book so well!
It started off really original and promising.We have our country sweetheart, Taryn

“Now that little Southern Belle I just met...well, that's a totally different story. I could feel the innocence just pouring off that one, and damn if I didn't want to be the man to make a woman out of her.”

“I’ve heard voices described as ‘angelic’ before, but I never knew what they were talking about before now. She sounds like pure honey when she sings, all syrupy and so sinfully sweet - I'm pretty sure i could go to hell based solely on the thoughts i'm having right now. Now i'm the one staring."

But America´s sweetheart isn´t so perfect. She has a dark past.


Then there is our rapper manwhore, Trace

He has a tragic childhood.

In reality this bad boy isn´t so bad.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” 

He broke my heart, I loved him. (And he is, oh, so sexy)

They fell in love...

You could feel the chemistry...

Their romance was not INSTA-LOVE. They got to know each other slowly<3

I also think that the dual POV let me connect with each of the main characters and made me liked them as individuals. I wasn't only rooting for the relationship, I was rooting for them. I wanted each of them to get their happy ending.

“Although I like that answer, I need to hear you say it, sweetheart. Do. You. Want. Me?" I ask, nibbling on her earlobe with each word spoken.
"Yes, dammit, I want you," she says forcefully and yanks my shirt open, ripping the buttons, before tearing it off me. That's all the answer I need.”

“You and that girl together, well...let's just say, you might be the one to lose, my man."
"Thanks, bro, but losing her wouldn't make the game worth winning so I guess I'll take my chances because she is worth it.”

So why only 3 starts if I liked the beginning so much?

Well, there was an issue addressed in this book that I hate and am very against. It might be personal, but it´s not something I feel a character can redeem itself from. I ended up hating Taryn, because even though she was pushed by her mother to do certain thing I despised, she could've still said NO. It was no excuse.

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