Release Blitz with Review: TheProblem With Dating by Brittainy Cherry

October 12, 2023


The Problem with Dating by Brittainy Cherry is now live! 

If I had to choose a person to hate, Alex Ramírez would've been first on the list...

Welcome to Honey Creek, Illinois, where life was as sweet as the town's name suggested. That was, until Mr. Fine Dining himself, Alex Ramírez, rolled into town with a permanent scowl and decided to park his snooty five-star restaurant across from my cozy dog daycare. He was tall, dark, and about as warm as a frozen entrée.

After one too many unpleasant interactions, I was determined to stay out of his way and to keep him out of mine.

But fate had a quirky sense of humor. When Alex inherited his great-aunt's cranky canine, he had no choice but to come to me, the local dog whisperer, for help. As for me? I needed a fake boyfriend to ward off my ex-husband, who was determined to win me back.

So, we struck a deal: I'd turn his dog into the town's best-behaved pet, and in return, he'd be my arm candy for a few family events and social gatherings. Simple, uncomplicated, and absolutely not romantic—at least, that was what we told ourselves.

As we played house, I couldn't help but notice that underneath Alex's prickly shell was a dash of charm that wasn't listed in the ingredients. Our pretend dates started to feel a little too real. And our feigned kisses? They were getting laughably close to crossing the line. Suddenly our interactions felt less like a food fight and more like foreplay.

With every playful touch and lingering glance, I couldn't help but wonder: Was this fake relationship with Alex secretly penning its own authentic ending? Or was I risking it all for something that was nothing more than make-believe?

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The Problem With Dating was the type of story that I needed in this very moment. I've gone super dark with a lot of my stories, had over the top drama that gave me anxiety, and certain storylines that left me exhausted. I knew what I was getting into when I picked up this book and I'm so glad that I did because it reminded me why I fell in love with this author in the first place.

Growing up in a small town in Honey Creek Illinois, Yara knows what it's like to be talked about. Newly divorced and trying to start over is never easy but it's even more complicated when your ex is the local sheriff and wants another chance. When the owner of a new upscale restaurant moves to town along with his business, things are about to get a whole lot more interesting in the gossip mill.


I really enjoyed this grumpy/Sunshine trope. Alex and Yara were the complete opposites of each other but they were perfect together in every way. Alex was strong, protective and he showed Yara what it was like to be loved the right way and I liked that. This was a clean read which I honestly was not expecting but I loved that it was like that. You felt the attraction and connection between the characters and there was just something so natural and easy about their relationship. It felt like their souls knew each other before they did and I loved their interactions with each other.

These characters had their fair share of loss and pain but they've managed to do what's best for them and that was to find happiness again. There were a few hiccups along the road and some characters definitely needed to be throat punched but overall I really enjoyed this one and I'm excited to read the next book in the series.

Meet Brittainy

Amazon #1 Bestselling author, Brittainy Cherry, has been in love with words since the day she took her first breath. She graduated from Carroll University with a Bachelors Degree in Theatre Arts and a minor in Creative Writing. She loves to take part in writing screenplays, acting, and dancing—poorly of course. Coffee, chai tea, and wine are three things that she thinks every person should partake in! Brittainy lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When she's not running a million errands and crafting stories, she's probably playing with her adorable pets.


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  1. You had me until you said 'clean romance' LMAO!! No, seriously, beautiful review, Sonya! xo

    1. Girl I know!!! It was a shock to me too. Haven't read anything that clean in YEARS🤣🤣 But I still enjoyed it so thank you so much Nat❤️❤️xoxo