Release Blitz with Review: Tame The Heartby Ava Hunter

October 26, 2023


Wild hearts can't be tamed.

Tame the Heart by Ava Hunter is now live! 

Keeping my heart guarded all my life has never been an issue. Until he saves me in a bar fight.

Charlie Montgomery is one grumpy rancher. Calloused hands, stubborn heart, the definition of a true cowboy.

He dislikes me from the second we meet. Warns me away from his tiny town of Resurrection, Montana. Well, what he doesn’t know is I’m armed with a bucket list and a secret. There’s no way I’m leaving. I’ll just keep my distance.

Only in a small town that distance doesn’t last for long. Because I owe him a favor: Work for him for three months and help him save his home. Runaway Ranch.

But our close confines mean I see what’s under all that strong. I see the real Charlie Montgomery. The man behind the rugged rancher who yells. Beneath his dark beard hides a rare smile. Beneath his mile-wide chest beats a tender heart. One that slowly starts to beat for me.

And instead of running back onto that open road, I run towards Charlie instead.

But a hidden danger is lurking. Someone who doesn't want Charlie to save his ranch. Someone who is out to get us both. And I could lose more than my heart this summer—I could lose my life…

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Two things that made me want to read this book immediately was the fact that this was a small town romance and we had a grumpy older cowboy. From that point on, I knew that I needed to read this and I'm glad that I took a chance on a story like this one.

Ruby wants nothing more than to live her life without pause. Living with a heart condition has taught her that time is precious and you have to live life to the fullest. A good way to start is doing a cross country road trip and making lasting memories. Stumbling in a new town, Ruby decides to stay for a while but by doing that, she crosses paths with a grumpy rancher who's life is more than complicated.


Charlie Montgomery has been through hell and back but he's content with his life now. Being a ranch owner for the past ten years hasn't been easy but along with his brothers, they're doing good. Until one incident threatens to derail all of their hard work and put a target on their backs. Knowing deep down that the next few words out of his mouth is going to change his life and his ranch, Charlie agrees to let a newcomer handle his social media management. But what he doesn't expect is to fall for a woman who's only temporary.


I really enjoyed this story for the most part. I loved seeing the day to day life of the ranch and I really liked Charlie's brothers. They added more to the story and along with it being an emotional read at times, they were there to balance a few things out.

The only issue that I had with this one is that the story did drag a bit and it was too long. I also didn't like what a certain character purposely chose to do because a lot of things could have been avoided.

If you're looking for emotional small town cowboy romance, then this one's for you.

Meet Ava 

Ava Hunter is a strong believer in black coffee, red wine, and the there's-only-one-bed trope. She writes contemporary romance with healthy amounts of angst where the damsels are never quite damsels, but the men they love (good, bad and rugged) are always there for them. Her first series, Nashville Star, centers on sexy country singers and their honky-tonk drama-filled lives.

Ava is married to her high school sweetheart, loves writing strong, stubborn women that only make their men fall harder, adores all things pink, and can never ever get enough of protector romance. 


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  1. I haven't heard of this author, so thanks for sharing this book rec. Excellent review XO