Release Blitz With Review: The Summer We Fell by Elizabeth O'Roark

April 10, 2023


The Summer We Fell by Elizabeth O'Roark is now live! 

An Angsty, Second-Chance Forbidden Romance

He was my boyfriend's best friend—and the bane of my existence. I wanted to hate Luke Taylor. I did hate him. I just never hated him enough.

Now, a decade later, tragedy has brought us back to the place where it all happened—my best times, and my worst.

Our lives have changed, but that pull between us is just as strong as ever.

Only this time, it's more dangerous too.

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The Summer We Fell quickly became one of those stories that you know is going to hurt to a certain degree. How emotional was this going to be? Was I going to lose myself in the process of reading this because these characters were going to test me? Or will I walk away knowing that I read a complex and emotional romance that was worth it?

The one thing that Juliet has only ever wanted was to be loved and feel safe. After going through a rough childhood and finding a boy that changed her life for the better, Juliet is more than content with her life. That is until when one summer changed the entire course of her life and led her to the one person that's going to be a driving force for her for years to come.


I have to admit that regardless of a few issues I had with this story, I was invested in it and I wanted to see what was going to happen with these characters. I really liked the alternation between the past and present because we got to see the mistakes that were made that led them to the now. What I wanted and was expecting from this story was more interaction between the main characters. A lot of things felt rushed in a sense we never truly got to see one on one time between them because there was always an interruption. I also wanted more than one pov because I felt like it was necessary to have that and to see the different emotions from the hero.

Aside from that, this was a heavy heartbreaking read at times but it showed you the journey of a woman who went through a lot to get her happily ever after her own way.

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth O'Roark spent many years as a medical writer before publishing her first novel in 2013. She holds bachelor’s degrees in journalism and arts from the University of Texas, and a master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of Notre Dame. She is the recipient of the 2017 IBPA gold medal for romance. She lives in Washington DC with her three children. 

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