Top Reads Of 2022

January 12, 2023

Another year, another hot mess, 


Each year, we try to push ourselves and immerse full force into the reading world praying that when it's all over, we've walked away experiencing some of the best stories ever written.

This year, we struggled with our reading goals. We became emotionally drained with books that just didn't work for us, and we found it so hard to get that spark back into our reading. 

Our blog will forever remember 2022 as the year of the book slump. 

Surprisingly, through it all, with multiple breakdowns between us and endless chatter, we still managed to walk away with some incredible reads! 

Thank you so much to all the authors on this list. We wouldn't have made it through the year without you. 

Without further ado, here are our favorite books of 2022!

Always Been You
Q.B Tyler

Interracial, Erotic Romance with
Sex Scenes That Will Burn Your Kindle

June First
Jennifer Hartmann

Heartbreaking, Inspiring,
New Adult Story of Forbidden 
Love that Spans Decades 

Strangers in my Bed
Jade West

Dark, Kinky, Toxic Tale 
of Manipulation, Degradation, & Abuse
that Takes an Unexpected Turn & 
Ends with an HEA
Most Controversial Read of the Year
Unique, Unconventional Romance
Not For Everyone 

Revenge is Sweet Series #1
Monica James &
Michelle Lancaster 

Addictive Adrenaline Rush
Sexy, Dark, Twisted,
Fast paced, Violent, 
 Revenge Fueled Murder Spree 
with a Bonny & Clyde-esque 
Unhinged Romance

Like Grim Death: Part l
Unsainted Series #5
K.V. Rose

Dark, Twisted, 
and All Kinds of Fucked Up
Favorite New Adult Series
Full of Drama, Intense Emotion, 
Flawed & Complex Characters, 
Toxic Relationships of All Kinds, 
Action, Violence, Suspense, 
Scorching Hot Sex,
Secrets, Lies, & Betrayal
Favorite Dark Romance of the Year 

Even if it Hurts
Coastal Elite Series #1
Sam Mariano

Best Unconventional Romance
Charming Psychopath Anti-Hero, 
Emotional Manipulation, 
Deception, Somnophilia, 
Violence, DubCon/NonCon
Extreme Toxic Relationship

Ominous: Part l
Ecstasy Series #2
K.V. Rose

Toxic, Twisted, Intriguing, 
Dark, Disturbing, Kinky, 
Melancholy, & Emotional AF
with Complex Characters 
& Relationships

The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
Elizabeth O'Roark 

Enemies to Lovers, 
Vacation Getaway 

The Words 
Ashley Jade

Rockstar Hero, 
Curvy, Smart AF Heroine
Angsty, Emotional, 
Second Chance Romance
Most Memorable Couple
Favorite Contemporary 
Standalone of the Year 

The Difference Between Somebody and Someone
 Difference Trilogy #1
Aly Martinez 

Erotic Suspense

The Difference Between Somehow and Someway 
 Difference Trilogy #2
Aly Martinez 

Mystery Thriller

Falls Boys
Hellbent Series #1
Penelope Douglas

Second Generation
Forced Proximity 
Two Different Worlds
Spectacular Setting
Secret Hideaway 
Rivalry, Traditions, 
Local Legends, & 
a Murder Mystery

What Lovers Do 
Jewel E Ann

Friends to Lovers 
Rom Com

The Potter, The Refiner, & The Sculptor 
The Hands of the Potter series 
#1, #2, #3
Kristy Marie

Romdramedy Perfection
Hilarious Banter, 
Broken Heroes, 
Fiesty Heroines, 
Found Family, 
Intense Emotion, 
Beautiful Romance, 
& One Epic Plot Twist
Favorite Contemporary Series of 2022

Hades Series 
Tate James

Romantic Suspense 
Brutal Cliffhangers
Action, Violence, Spice
Badass Boss Heroine, 
a Sexy, Tattooed Giant 
with a Growly Personality, 
a Hot, Ride or Die, 
Right Hand Man, &
a Model Tier Hero 
with a Huge Heart &
Massive Dick to Match
Favorite Series Binge of the Year

The Order #1 & Regressive #2
The Cult of Serendee
Angel Lawson

Betrayal, Brotherhood, Violence, Manipulation, Knife/Blood Play, 
Dub-Con, Suspense, Drugs, 
Various Levels of Criminal Behavior, 
Great Sex, an Arranged Marriage, 
& a Crazy Fucking Cult

Gypsy Truths 
All the Pretty Monsters Series #6
 Kristy Cunning

Unique Reverse Harem Series
A Vampire, an Incubus, a Wolf, 
a Van Helsing, a Mysterious Monster, Long Lost Family,
a Pain in the Ass Ex,
& a Heroine You'll Never Forget 

Forced Bonds #4 & Tragic Bonds #5
The Bonds that Tie Series
J. Bree

Favorite Reverse Harem Series 
Unique, Slowburn, Paranormal 
Powerful Heroine 
Badass Alpha Harem 
Shadow Creatures 
Supernatural Powers
Possessive Bonds
Action, Suspense, Intrigue, 
Secrets, & Shadow Tentacle Sex

The Savage
Kingmakers Series #5
Sophie Lark

Alpha Hero & Heroine
Action, Suspense, Drama, 
Drugs, Violence, Chaos, Crazy, 
& a Whole Lot of Spice 
Favorite New Adult Mafia Series

Colleen Hoover

Dark, Disturbing 
Creepy, Suspenseful,
Intriguing, & Mysterious 
with a Splash of Romance, 
a Sprinkle of Sex, & a Shocking Twist
Most WTF Ending of the Year

Pen Pal
J.T. Geissinger 

Kinky, Unconventional Romance
Most Jaw Dropping Twist
Best Thriller of the Year
Epic Mindfuck
Seriously, Give This Woman 
a Round of Applause! 

A Kingdom of Stars and Shadows
Stars and Shadows Series #1
Holly Renee

Arranged Marriage
Forbidden Love
Fae, Vampires, Royalty, 
Magic, Political Intrigue, 
a Swoonworthy Hero, 
a Starblessed Heroine, 
Scorching Hot Sexual Tension, 
Violence, a Healthy Dose of Steam,
Incredible Banter, 
& a Damn Good Time

The Wolf & The Wildflower 
Ella Fields

Spectacular Spin-Off 
Angsty, Layered Story of Fate,
Betrayal, Pride, 
Heartbreak, & Love with 
Complicated Relationships, 
Complex Characters, Fated Mates, 
Hot Sex, Emotional Torment,
Twists, Turns, and Tragedy

The War of Two Queens
Blood and Ash Series #4
Jennifer L. Armentrout 

Favorite Fantasy World
Fierce Heroine
Swoonworthy Hero
Action, Suspense, Love, 
Violence, Friendship, Steam,
Prophesies, Revelations,
Magic, Mystery, & 
Epic Final Fight Scene

A Light in the Flame
Flesh and Fire Series #2
Jennifer L. Armentrout 

Favorite Fantasy Couple
Best Fantasy of the Year
Action, Angst, Humor, 
Betrayal, Intense Emotion, 
Violence, Sex, Perfect Pacing, 
Rich Fantasy World, 
Twists & Turns, Brilliant Writing, 
& a Heart Pounding Cliffhanger

The Serpent & the Wings of Night
Crowns of Nyaxia #1
Cora Broadbent

Brutal, Hunger Games Style 
Tournament with Vampires, Gods, 
a Complicated Slow Burn Romance, 
Found Family, High Stakes, 
a Variety of Vamps, Violence, 
Political Intrigue, Lies, Betrayal, 
Twists & Turns, Magic,
 & Morally Gray Characters 
Favorite New Fantasy

Plated Prisoner Series #4
Raven Kennedy 

Unique & Dark
King Midas Retelling
Multi POV, Excellent World Building
Gilded Heroine, Fae King Hero,
Action, Suspense, Steam, 
Trauma, Healing, Political Intrigue, Revelations, Violence, Magic, 
& Killer Fucking Cliffhanger 

Sophie Lark

Anastasia Reimagining with
 Historical & Fantastical Elements 
Childhood Enemies to Friends to Lovers
Hero & Heroine from
 Two Different Worlds
Political Intrigue, Family, 
Friendship, War, Lies, 
Betrayal, Intense Chemistry 
& Emotion, Magic, &
 a Beautiful Slowburn Romance 
with a Twist

Volumes 1, 2, & 3 
Greg Rucka & Michael Lark

Favorite Comic Series of the Year
Unique Storyline, Badass Heroine, Dystopian Universe with Sci-Fi Elements, Violence, Action, Suspense, 
& a Little Bit of Romance

Lovely Bad Things
Trisha Wolfe

Dark, Thrilling, Sexy

Help Me Remember 
Corinne Michaels

Small Town Romance 
with a Beautiful Ending

Sparrow & Hawke
Nina Lane

Forbidden Slow Burn

Society of Psychos 
Dead Men Walking Duet #2
Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti 

All Aboard the Crazy Train
3 Psychotic Captives,
an Equally Psychotic Hitman,
Two Shock Collars, 
A Big Pink Strap On,
& Some Really Fucking 
Good Chocolate Cereal

In Secret We Sin Series #1
A.L. Woods

Second Chance, Dark MF Romance 
with MMF, MM, & MMFM Scenes
Murder, Knife Play, Kidnapping, 
Stalking, Lust, Love, Heartbreak, 
Angst, Personal Growth, 
Family, Friendship, Violence, 
Mystery, Suspense, Filthy Sex, & 
a Rollercoaster of Emotion   

These Love of My Next Life
Next Life Duet #1
Brit Benson

Childhood Enemies to Lovers 
Bullying, Anger, Jealousy 
Angst, Lust, Love, &
Heartbreaking, Frustrating, Toxic, 
Messy, Beautiful Romance

The Pact
Rebels of Ridgecrest High #1
Belle Harper

Slowburn, New Adult, 
Reverse Harem
Childhood Best Friends to Enemies
Drama, Angst, Pain,
 Sexual Tension
Best Friendship Flashbacks  
All the Freaking Feels

The Beginning of Us
Complicated US Trilogy 
Lylah James

New Adult 
Love Triangle
Trauma, Angst, 
Intense Emotion

The Rite Trilogy
A. Zavarelli & Natasha Knight

Dark, Angsty, Mafia Romance
Complex Characters, Trauma, 
Fucked Up Families, Secret Society, Fractured Relationships, Tortured Hero, Misunderstood Heroine, Tension, Violence, Suspense, a Spellbinding Slowburn, and a Spicy Payoff

The End 

Did you see any of your favorites on our list? 

Are there any books on your favorites list that you think we need to read?

Did you find any new books for your tbr? 

We would love to know! 

Feel free to tell us in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time! 💋


  1. QB Tyler & Sam Mariano in my top for 2022 as well!

  2. I'm so glad we have some in common! Dark and taboo romance are two of our favorite subgenres to read. 😍

  3. I've just now added so many books to my tbr. How could you? 😫 😭 I still haven't done a 'best of 2022' and now I NEED to. You already know it was a slump year for me too *whomp whomp*

    1. 😂 I hope you enjoy the ones you added when you get to them! ❤️ Here's to 2023 being a better reading year for all of us! 🥂💋