New Release + Review: The HateSick Diaries by Saffron A Kent

January 11, 2023


Release Date: January 10

Echo Adler hates Reign Davidson. He's the reason the love of her life left her all alone and broken hearted two years ago. 
So it should be easy to stay away. 
It should be easy to not dream about his dark and mean eyes, or his cruel but sexy smirks. It should be easy to not think about the guy who ruined her happily ever after. 
Only it's not.
Sometimes his intense stares make her heart race, and those smirks of his make her breathless. 
But it needs to stop. 
Because she has a mission: to get back together with her ex-boyfriend. And Echo will be damned if she keeps dreaming about Reign. 
The guy who not only makes her sick with hate but who also happens to be her ex's best friend.

NOTE: This is a standalone set in the world of St. Mary’s.

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The HateSick Diaries is one of my most highly anticipated reads of 2023 so you can imagine my level of excitement when I saw this on my kindle. It had everything that I wanted and I was chomping at the bit to start it. This story had all the makings to be one of my favorite reads but sadly it fell short.

Echo and Reign have had this hate filled relationship from the moment they met and it hasn't gotten better over the years. Their attraction to each other has made things even more difficult and when you put into play that Echo is dating Reign’s best friend, it becomes extremely messy.


I won't lie and say that I didn't like parts of the book because I did. I loved the chemistry between Reign and Echo and I really liked the flashbacks in the beginning but I was expecting more from this story. The plot didn't go anywhere and it felt too repetitive and dragged on. I was also not a fan of certain intimate scenes that were just too much for me and I think that could've been dialed back a bit on the talking.

Aside from those things, If you’re a fan of this author and have the previous books in the series, then you’re going to enjoy this one.

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