Friday Favorite: Like Grim Death by K.V. Rose

October 14, 2022

Like Grim Death, Book 5 in the Unsainted series by K.V. Rose, is available now and free with Kindle Unlimited! 


"There's someone you haven't met yet..."

All at once, we turn to each other.
We realize it was never the 6.
It was always us against ourselves.
The greatest betrayal. The worst sort of pain.

A moment of perfect stillness, disloyalty loud in the silence.

Then the chaos begins.

"...but tonight, you will."

There is probably not a single book that I anticipated more than Like Grim Death this year. I literally screamed when I finally had it in my hands! Not only is it book 5 in one of my all time favorite series, but it's been a hot minute sense I've been in the Unsainted world. 

The level of anticipation I felt by the time this book released had reached epic proportions. I'd been checking the author's page religiously for updates, stalking her on social media, counting down the days to her next newsletter arrived in my inbox and damn near salivating over any information regarding LGD that she threw our way.


I know. I know. With all of that build up, I was setting myself up for an epic letdown. Everybody knows you shouldn't hype a book up in your mind like that. It's almost inevitable that it won't live up to your irrationally high expectations, and you'll be disappointed in some way. Good thing K. V. Rose is a motherfucking unicorn that never misses, because she knocked this shit out of the park! If anything my expectations weren't high enough! She fucking obliterated them!

If you're worried about the story being told in six different POVs, or the book being over 800 pages long, don't be. I know books with more than 2 or 3 perspectives, especially ones this thick, can easily come up lacking in a multitude of ways, but that wasn't the case here at all. Every point of view is equally captivating, perfectly paced, and works to propel the story forward. There is never a time where I felt myself getting bored and wishing I could rush to a different character's chapter. Every single word in this book is necessary and impactful. I seriously couldn't get enough!


Regardless of the plethora of pages K.V. gifted us with in this installment, I wanted more. I could have easily read twice as much, because nobody gives me what this author does. It's hard to explain in words. You have to experience it to understand. Even if I told you, her stories are unique, dark, enthralling, violent, twisted, thrilling, suspenseful, interesting, angsty, drama filled, boundary pushing, emotional, hot as fuck, and fantastically written, it would not do them justice. If you haven't read anything from this author, you are missing out in a big way. If you're a dark NA romance fan, and you haven't, it's nothing less than a fucking tragedy.

Back to the masterpiece at hand! Like Grim Death is an emotional rollercoaster that kept me guessing the whole way through. I was out my mind with rage for at least half of it. The characters tested me as much as they did each other. Lies, betrayal, cruelty, disrespect, and hypocrisy abound! Prepare yourself, because I had to hold myself back from launching my Kindle across the room more times than I can count.


That being said, there are moments where I felt immense pride in certain characters, and enormous amounts of empathy, love, and respect. Sometimes for the same characters that infuriated me, because when it comes down to it, I love most of these crazy motherfuckers. Even the ones I'm still unsure about, I have no doubt in my mind that the author will make me fall in love with them eventually.

The spice deserves it's own paragraph, because it was scorching hot as always. There is so much tension and off the charts chemistry between most of the characters that I would never blink an eye if a full blown orgy broke out in any setting. Even when the characters are just speaking to each other, I'm waiting for someone to take their dick out at any moment. When they finally do, I'm never disappointed! Seriously, the sex in this book is dirty, depraved, and nothing short of perfection. You don't want to miss it!


Before I conclude my review, I have to talk about a character that I absolutely adore who gets so much underdeserved hate from other characters in the book and readers alike, Ella Christian. This bitch went through it in LGD!!! She got it from all ends, and I wanted to tear every son of bitch that wronged her apart limb from motherfucking limb! The amount of hypocrisy when it comes to her versus Sid drives me to the point of insanity like nothing else. She is a damn treasure, and none of these other assholes deserve to even draw breath in her presence. Period.

I'm going to leave it at that and wrap this up before I start spoiling everything now that I got myself all worked up! Lol There is a lot of mysterious shit going on throughout this entire story. I was constantly trying to figure it all out, and the ending did not disappoint, y'all! Don't let anyone ruin it for you. The ride is too much fun!

Unsainted fans, this one's for you!

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