Release Blitz with Double Review: Am I The Only One by E.K. Blair

July 10, 2020

Title: Am I the Only One
Author: E.K. Blair
Genre: Thriller/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 10, 2020


Desperation had a flavor.

It was all Emma could taste as her life in Washington DC started to crumble before her.

In a city filled with prestige and American dreams also lay political fallacy and corruption—corruption she would soon find herself indulging in.

Emma would have done anything to save herself from the downfall, gone to any length, sacrificed her soul if needed.

What she didn’t realize was that someone else was more desperate to save their own life and that the worst was yet to come.

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Whoah!! Now this is the E.K Blair that I’ve missed!! Cunning, thrilling, eye opening, heartbreaking, and oh so exhilarating!! This author held back nothing and when it came to giving us a complex story that was so messed up, so damaging, you had no choice but to hold your breath for the entire read and exhale slowly at the end.


Two women from two completely backgrounds with an endgame that will change the course of each other’s lives. If you want something in life, you have to go get it yourself and in some situations, that means getting your hands dirty. No one is perfect but what happens when you’re pushed too far in a world that wants nothing but perfection?

If I had to sum up this book using two words, it would be: UTTERLY ADDICTIVE. You don’t realize at the time that you’re being sucked into this crazy political, backstabbing, blackmailing world that is so egotistical in many ways and you’re fighting to see the warmth and love because you know it’s there. You feel it every time a character discusses their past and what they want for their future and just when you think that it’s in your grasp, some fucked up shit happens!!


Going into this story, I had a very good idea of what will happen in certain situations but for the rest of them? It threw me for a loop and I really liked that this author had you guessing for some things. These characters held their own and gave as good as they got. This was one of the most conniving, thrill seeking revengeful books that I’ve read in a while and E.K Blair has woven a sexy political thriller that only she knows how to pull off and this book is proof of that.

Am I The Only One is E.K Blair and her ability to fuck with your mind at it's finest!

Now onto my shortest review not because I am afraid I'll spoil you but because of the mere fact that there's no amount of words best decibes this book. Admittefly too, I have no idea how to pen what I felt towards the book. ;)

I finished Am I the Only One eons ago buddy reading with my favorite people. You see, we have been a sucker for all things E.K Blair that buddy reading became whose ahead of whom because devour and page turning were an understatement with what we did. And I am confident to say that after devouring Am I The Only One, my mind is still blasted and fucked. It wont function the way it did before I read the book. Now, I can't even move forward to another read because again, the author had this cunning ability to fuck my brains out. But did I regret it? Defintely NOT! I miss this version of E. K Blair!

Going into the book, I was instantly hooked right from the first few pages. It screamed angst, thrill and mytery rolled into one. It was so intense that my eyes were just glued onto the pages and my emotions all over the place it felt ike my heart isn't in it's right place anymore. I did not expect what I read. The plot was just spectacular and penned with accuracy and brilliancy. The kind of read that had me at the edge of my seat guessing and wondering what will happen next and made me even utter, WHAT THE FUCK several times. I tell you this, I was in deep turmoil with it's drama, lies, betrayal, politics, and so with its twists and turns. Emotions in knots, I was intrigued because it is fucking twisted and I might say I am crazy too because I love it the way I have loved it's flawed characters.  And that ending? It  just made my jaw dropped. 

Seriously, I am declaring Am I The Only One by EK Blair the epitome of mindfuckery! It is witty and has E.K Blair trademark written all over it. 

Author Bio

E.K. Blair is a New York Times best-selling author. Her books range from thrillers to romance to YA, all of which shine a light on the inner workings of relationships through adversity. She resides in Oklahoma with her husband and two beautiful children. When not writing, you will most likely will find her sipping on a mug of overly-sweet coffee while watching reality television or the latest true crime documentary.

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