New Release with Review: The Devil's Crown by Monica James

July 21, 2020

**All The Pretty Things Trilogy Spin-Off**

I was feared.

But all of that changed when the impossible happened—I fell in love. Only those feelings weren’t reciprocated, because who could love a monster like me?

My empire crumbled. People died. I went from being a victorious leader to lurking in the shadows, planning revenge on my half-brother who now reigns in my place.

An orphanage is where I find sanctuary, but when she walks into my world and evokes a yearning I thought long dead, my demons are awakened and want what they can’t have—her. Sooner or later, I knew I’d need to feed the darkness inside me.

Mayhem, power, and control course through my veins. I will use them to regain my crown, my throne, and then claim her, despite what solemn vows she might’ve made.

I will break them…and her


Monica James sure knows how to make you love a Villain!! I went into this story without any background knowledge and let me tell you something: I fell for these characters hard and fast. It was unexpected, thrilling , and knowing that you got to witness the ups and downs with these characters, made the story that much better.

What would you do if you had so much power, you were feared with just the whisper of your name being spoken? That is what life was like for Aleksei and he ruled his kingdom with a brutal iron fist. But you know what they say, what goes up must come down and Alek took a hard fall from grace. Now determined to get back his empire and rule again, one must do wicked things to reach his goal and who’s more better for the job than a skillful sinner?


Aleksei was not your typical hero and I really liked that. This man was extremely flawed and he's done things in his past that will literally make you want to set him on fire but you know what? He owns up to it and he knows exactly the type of man that he is. Without ever having read the All the pretty things trilogy, I went into this story expecting a somewhat messed up hero with a dark past but I got so much more than that. We witnessed his struggles, his quest for vengeance, redemption, and we saw a man that despite all of the chaos, was a fierce protector.

I don’t want to give anything away in this story so I’m just going to say that if you’ve read the previous trilogy, then you’re going to fall in love with this book even more. I cannot wait to see what this author has in store for us with part two because I KNOW we will be saying “All hail the King".

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