Mafia Romance Recommendation: Underrated Author Edition

June 1, 2020

Though mafia romance is one of my favorite things to read, I have surprisingly few "go to" authors in the subgenre. 

Danielle Lori added herself to my short list in 2019 with the second book in her Made series and one of my top reads of that year, The Maddest Obsession. 

More and more people are coming to recognize this author's talent, but if you've never heard of her or read any of her work, this post is for you!

The Maddest Obsession is a steamy mafia romance you don't want to miss! From the spectacular writing to the complex characters and smoking hot sex scenes, it's nothing but absolute perfection.

Gianna and Christian are sexual tension personified! Whenever they came in contact with each other, I felt like I could barely breathe! My heart beat faster. I would get anxious. The whole nine yards! 😂

Their chemistry is absolutely out of this world which comes as no surprise to me, because the author is a master of sexual tension. I dare anyone to read either one of the books in the Made series and say otherwise! 

If I had to choose one thing I love most about this book though, it would have to be Gianna and Christian's banter! It gave me life!!

Each encounter between them is a verbal sparring match that feels like it needs to end in the bedroom, and sometimes it does. My kindle damn near caught on fire, y'all! Have your extinguisher ready!!

If you're a mafia romance fan, The Maddest Obsession is a MUST READ!! Start with The Sweetest Oblivion, because you'll love that, too! As far as I'm concerned, the Made series is gold, and this author is one of the best I've read in this subgenre! 

The Maddest Obsession (Bk 2)

The Sweetest Oblivion (Bk 1)

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