Freaky Friday: Fucked Up Character Edition

June 12, 2020

  Freaky Friday:
Fucked Up Character Edition

I've always had a thing for anti-heroes and villians. 

Morally gray and/or completely morally bankrupt characters intrigue me like no other! They're often the most interesting, intense, and exciting parts of any story. 

I don't know what it is about the unhinged ones that makes me want to get inside their heads and sometimes, their pants. 

I know I'm not alone in my sickness, so today, I'm going to share with you four of my favorite fucked up characters and where to find them! If you haven't been introduced to these guys yet, it's time to get familiar! 

1. Joe Goldberg 

One of my favorite villians of all time! This man started my stalker obsession! 

Joe is the epitome of a wolf in sheep's clothing. On the surface, he's thoughtful, intelligent, funny, caring, charming, and sweet, but underneath his mild mannered facade, he's a very sick man. Delusional doesn't even begin to scratch the surface! 

Unlike many villians, Joe is no side character.

You is his story.  The entire novel is written in second person from Joe's point of view. This ups the creep factor by making you feel like the object of his obsession and gives you little sympathy for anyone else. 

In fact, the other characters are so infuriating and shallow that you can't connect with them at all. It's much easier to relate to the stalker/murderer than to feel anything for his victims. 

In other words, not only does the author mess with your mind by creeping you the fuck out at how easy it would be to open yourself up to somebody like Joe, but she actually gets you to feel bad for him! She makes you upset at the people that hurt him. You want to bitch slap Beck for being mean to him. Meanwhile, motherfucker has her underwear hidden in his wall! 😂 

That's brilliant storytelling, folks! 

If you've watched the TV show, you've had a taste of Joe Goldberg, but if you don’t read the book, you're doing yourself a disservice. 

Psychological thriller fans, this one's for you!

2. Benny 

Everyone that knows me well knows that I'm a huge Benny fangirl! This psycho stole my heart under the most insane circumstances. I have no idea how K Webster and Ker Dukey endeared him to me, but I'm grateful for their talent!

Benny is a deranged doll maker that abducts and collects women. He dresses them up like his own personal dolls and abuses them in a number of twisted ways. 

He's a much more brutal and psychotic killer than Joe. In fact, Benny is so mentally broken that he doesn't blend in well with society. He spends most of his time with his dolls away from the rest of the world. 

In the Pretty Little Dolls series, Benny goes from being the side character/villian to the main character! 

For that reason, I chose to include my favorite book in the series that gives you the very best of Benny, Pretty New Doll.

Everything about this book is just more. There is more blood, more violence, more insanely fucked up erotic scenes, more suspense, and best of all, more BENNY!! 

I will warn you that if the first two books in the series are almost too much for you, this one might actually be. It's gruesome and gory to the max. However, if you loved them like I did, you will be in heaven! 

There are no words to fully express how amazingly depraved and sick Benny is or accurately describe the level of sinister content this book contains. All I can tell you is that you don’t want to miss it!

Fans of everything dark and twisted, this one's for you!

3. & 4. Gabe and Hannah 

The War & Peace series by K. Webster is the series that made me fall in love with dark romance. It's also the series that introduced me to two of the most fucked up characters I've ever read, Gabe and Hannah. 


They are featured throughout the series, but their relationship is the main focus of two installments, This Isn't Over, Baby and This is the End, Baby. 

I've always been fascinated by what makes a villain become a villain. When people display psychotic behavior and murder other humans, everyone wants to know why. Some people think evil is born, and others believe evil is created. 

Hannah and Gabe represent two sides of the nature vs. nurture argument. 

Gabe is a truly vile human being, but he wasn't always. He was made that way by the man that was suppose to love and protect him. The reason for his transformation from victim to predator is plain to see.

Hannah on the other hand grew up with loving parents that doted on her and showed her affection. Despite that, she's a complete and total lunatic. Gabe's crazy pales in comparison to hers. She barely has a grip on reality, and she's violent, deceitful, manipulative, selfish, impulsive, irrational, sadistic, and perverse. Gabe may have some of those traits too, but he has more control of himself. He has limits and is capable of listening to reason. He is the only one that can calm Hannah down and prevent her from behaving rashly. 

Gabe isn't just her keeper though. He's her soulmate. She loves and understands him like no one else. They feed off of one another's madness and obsession, and above all else, they are perfectly matched when it comes to their propensity for deviant sexual behavior. 

They'll make you uncomfortable and nauseous, or turn you on depending on where you are in the story. Sometimes, they'll do all three at once. It's honestly pretty disturbing. They are not for the faint of heart. You may find yourself questioning your own sanity. 

I wouldn't recommend their story to everyone. 

Fans of the truly dark and disturbing, this one's for you!

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