Excerpt Reveal: Mercy by KC Decker

February 21, 2020

MERCY by KC Decker 
Release Date: February 27th

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Blurb: National Award-Winning Author KC Decker, brings readers a Sexy New, Doctor-Patient Romance.


Ironically, my name is Mercy, though my parents showed me none. If you buy the nonsense they’re selling, you’d think my very birth foretold of an evil prophesy and unleashed a wicked scourge across the land.

While that telling is all very dramatic and compelling, it’s not the whole story. The truth is, I was almost ten years old before the religious cult began to insist I had been kissed by the devil. Nowadays, how people perceive me is clouded by a different set of convictions and a whole new doctrine. It’s a different batch of Kool-Aid, but I still have no choice about whether to swallow it or not. Not while I’m here and labeled a Ward of the State.

I’ve worn all types of labels over the years—non-believer, pariah, deranged, orphan…it’s all in my file if you care to understand me better. But the label that seems to have implanted the deepest and garnered the most attention is the one I wear like a Scarlet Letter. It precedes me when I enter a room and is whispered about like a schoolyard crush.

                  Paranoid Schizophrenic.         

The needy effect he has on me is purely 
anticipatory, but my nipples are already hardening, and the hairs on the back of my neck are standing on end. He unzips the sweatshirt, one tooth at a time, and when the hoody hangs open and free of any attachment to itself, his hand slides up my bare stomach. 

The warmth of his palm and the confidence behind his touch will leave a mark on my skin for decades. It compliments his kiss with perfect synchronicity. At this moment. I can see our future together. Long after this institution is behind us, we can have a life together, and I have never wanted anything more. Nothing from my past has prepared me for this. All the want and desire to belong is nothing compared to how badly I want to find my place with Sutton. 

When his hand finds my breast and his fingers gently pinch my nipple, I gasp against his lips. The sensation and the boldness, too shocking inside of this tiny moment. But when he slides the sweatshirt off my shoulders and begins to kiss his way down my neck, my thoughts get blurry. 

“Touch me, Mercy,” he whispers...


About the Author: KC Decker's debut novel, 1462 South Broadway was the First Place Winner of the 2017 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award.

She is also the author of the runaway hits, 720 Linden Street, 1700 Grant Street and 945 Cedar Avenue, as well as the sexy standalones, Little Dove, Of Ash and Angels, and her newest release GRADATION.

KC is a voracious reader, compulsive daydreamer and romantic escapist. After years of over thinking and narcissistic scrutiny of everything she has ever written; including term papers and shopping lists, she decided to tackle a book of her very own. Her actions culminated in a very sincere and magnanimous respect for all published writers.

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