Release Blitz + Review: Choosing Us by M.Robinson

March 27, 2019


COVER MODEL: Weston Boucher
COVER DESIGNER: Heather Moss  

From USA Bestselling Author M. Robinson comes a contemporary romance duet filled with all the feels of a epic love story.

What do you do when you meet your soulmate at seven-years-old? 

You give…
You live…
And you love… 
To have and to hold. 

Until you hear the words, “I just don’t love you anymore.”

Putting an end to me. 
To you. 

To us. 

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“I only need two things in this world. You and Us. Just you and us,Bailey". 

*Deep breaths

I’ve had this type of smirk on the sly when it came to anything that M.Robinson has wrote since “ Ends Here”There’s no question that this woman can write and the angst will pretty much do you in, but the curve of my lips and raised eyebrows came from me thinking that this author will NEVER get me again. The emotions that she had managed to pull out of me was a once in a lifetime thing because there was no way in hell that I was going down that emotional rollercoaster one more time. I almost sought out real therapy with her last duet so why the f*ck did I think that I was so special this time around?

My name is Sonya and I’m….. an emotional angst whore. 

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Aiden Pierce has wanted one thing and one thing only and that was to have the love of his life, by his side until he took his last breath. They say you know your soulmate from the minute you lay eyes on them and Aiden was no different. At seven years old he fell in love, and at Eighteen he sealed his fate with the woman of his dreams. Life had it’s ups and downs but love was always a constant for Aiden and Bailey and nothing could ever tear them apart. Or so they thought. 

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If you thought that ‘Choosing Us” was going to be a walk in the park read, someone lied to you!! It was not easy at times and some of the characters will test you but it will be worth it. From witnessing a love story in the making, to future heartbreaks, and the aura of mystery, Choosing Us will take a little piece of your heart right along with the final chapter. 

I loved that this book ended up surprising me and it had a little bit of a guessing game to it. I was eager to keep flipping the pages as I went along just to get more answers!! Their pain was so raw that you had no choice but to feel every single emotion and I liked that the author gave us that. With a cliffhanger that will make you question everything and lose your mind at the same time, this duet is not to be missed out on.

“You’re cute! I like you. Now scoot over for me.”
I did, only because I liked the way she made me feel, and I didn’t want her to leave me alone again. She sat right beside me as close as she could, leaving no room in between us.
“I’m Bailey Button, by the way.”
Her soft skin brushed against my arm, causing new bubbles in my stomach.
What was that?
“I hate my name. It’s so stupid. It sounds like I’m a belly button, but I’m not. I’m a girl, see?” Tugging on her hair that was in pigtails, she blinked her long, big eyelashes at me. “I don’t look like a belly button, right?”
“No.” Was the only word I could say when she sat that close to me.
She nodded, bringing a piece of chicken up to her mouth. Not paying any attention to what she was doing to me.
“I like your name, Aiden Pierce. It’s pretty.”
“Yeah, I like pretty names. Not like mine.”
Before I gave it any thought, I blurted, “Your name is beautiful just like you are.”
Her eyes flew to mine, and another huge smile took over her face. “No one has ever called me beautiful, Aiden Pierce!”
I smiled with her.
“Now we’re going to have to get married.”
“What?” I stopped smiling, jerking back. “We do?”
“Mmm hmm…” She chewed on her food, swallowing it down. “That’s what happens when you call a girl beautiful, you have to get married after. I don’t make the rules, I just follow them. Before my momma passed away, she always said to marry a man who calls me beautiful, and I’ll be happy every day of my life.”
Maybe her momma sent her to me too?
“Will you make me happy?”
“Uh… I can try.”
“Try really hard, okay?”
Momma would want that, right?
Yeah, she would.
“I like the way Bailey Pierce sounds. What do you think?”
“I like the way Bailey Pierce sounds too, but aren’t we too young to get married?”
“No silly! I meant when we’re older.”
“Oh.” I thought about it for a second. “Like how much older?”
Now it was her turn to think about it for a second. “Like when we’re eighteen. That’s old enough.”
“Aiden...” She giggled, twirling her hair in a big knot around her finger. “You have to ask me first.”
“Oh, I do?” I scratched my head. “When?”
“When we’re eighteen.”
“Okay.” I nodded, meaning it. “I’ll ask you when we’re eighteen.”
“Okay.” She nodded back. “I’ll try to act surprised too. Ask me in a good way, alright? So I cry.”
She was confusing, but in the best way possible. I’d say anything she wanted just to keep her by my side, so I’d always feel this way.
I knew right then and there my momma had something to do with this. I didn’t know how, but she kept her promise to me. This had to be the girl, I felt it in my bones.
“Why would I want to make you cry?”
“Because they’re happy tears and crying with happy tears is like super romantic.”
“Oh… Okay then. I’ll ask you in a way that will make you cry happy tears.”
“Okay good, but don’t make me cry in any other way than happy tears. Ever. You promise?”
“I promise.”
She leaned her head on my shoulder, whispering, “I trust you.”

USA Today Bestselling Author of Keeping her Under The Mistletoe, Lost Boy, El Santo, El Pecador, Ends Here, Keeping Her Wet, Road to Nowhere, El Diablo, The Good Ol' Boys Standalone Series, The VIP Trilogy, Tempting Bad, and Two Sides. M. Robinson loves her readers more than anything! They have given her the title of the ‘Queen of Angst.’ She loves to connect with her following through all her social media platforms and also through email! Please keep in touch in her reader group VIP on Facebook, if she’s not in there than she is on Instagram. She lives in Brandon Fl with the love of her life, her lobster, and husband Bossman. They have two German shepherd mixes, a gordito Wheaten Terrier and a user Tabby cat. She is extremely close to her family, and when she isn’t living the cave life writing her epic love stories, she is spending money shopping. Anywhere and everywhere. She loves reading and spending time with her family and friends whenever she can. Stay connected with her on social media!

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