Release Blitz + Book Review : Sex Says by Max Monroe

February 21, 2017

From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Max Monroe comes a new standalone romantic comedy.

Disclaimer: Authors are not responsible for cost of equipment or subsequent injury incurred after the purchase of roller skates influenced by this book. Embody Lola Sexton's spirit animal at your own risk.

*Reed Luca is an asshole. No one wants to be his spirit animal.
**Okay. I wrote that. Maybe someone would want to be his spirit animal. I guess. Maybe. Sorry. (Not sorry.)—Lola



Reed This: Sometimes people can be at two ends of a line and end up next to one another. Because intimacy and love— they’re powerful enough to curve that line into a circle.
Squuueeee!!! Have I told you how much I love Max Monroe? I mean this duo is just a whole bunch of brilliant. It all started with that "Colleen Hoover" post that was just so trending and really did caught my attention to that series they released about billionaire bad boys that made me fall in love and up until now I've been missing a whole lot, and then now, to this book that was just so effing long with a another bunch of craziness!!! Like, what?Is this duo for real? Because fuck me if I say I'm not in awe with their skills because I am.HARD.

Yep! That I am! And Sex Says?Hoot!!Let me tell you, this book is sooo long my eye balls almost got out of my eyes. But holy guacamole!!! There 's no way in hell I'm gonna let a pass on it. I devoured this baby and I am soooo glad I did not let my judgment on the lenght blurred my vision, because this book is all sorts of fun and enjoyable to read. I am so damn entertained! And this right here is the reason why I love this duo's writing. I get to be entertained and in the end left me with good vibes. It's another version of their craziness put into writing portrayed by a whole lot of crazy characters, delivered fantastically. Hands down!

But you know what's more? Okay ,I guess I'm gonna list down huh? 

1.) The Cover - I am a cover whore! And this cover is just perfect for this book. Yeah, I know I couldn't see any abs and even a little tease with what's below compared to their other works but damn, I love the intentisity it portrayed. Panty melting!

2.) The leads name - Lola and Reed, oh well then, just by this alone it's a 5 star for me. When you get to meet this characters, their names just screams right effing brilliant with their characters. It definitely, described who they are. You know what I'm talking about right? ;) Yeah, like definitely this is Lola and Reed and no other name better suits their characters.

3.) The Pacing - It's so long but the fast paced and tone of the book never bored out
the hell out of me. 

4.) The writing - This is just perfect. I mean, for a romcom lover, I am sold out with their writing. Yes, it was kinda crazy but reading the book is effortless. It flows perfectly and was just briliiant. This duos words is just excellent and will make you drawn into it.

5.) The story - Oh yes!!! Now, it's another story. You have to read it youself. There's no way in hell I'm gonna spoil you Reed and Lola's journey and ruin all the fun. ;)

Seriously, the book really is all sorts of good and again I will say this, I enjoyed everything I have with this book. The craziness is another level. It's not Billionaire Bad Boy level but another level you'll get to love. I adore the characters and I'm sure, you will too. Lola is a teenager inside a beautiful woman's body. Eccentric but an adorable one. My God I can't wait for you to meet her skates and Daisy. Everything with her is just hilarious and admirable. And then there's Reed that never cease to amaze me. Whe you want fun and spontainity, call the man. The way he messed with people in the hilarious way is jus so fun and I've been loling like hell. When you want someone to spend Friday nights baby sitting with your niece and nephews, he will not disapppoint either. Anmnnnd if you're looking for someone who will give you all the orgasms you want, REED is the name. His and Lola's relationship is one of a kind. I enjoyed their journey of witty banter and scorching scenes. Their's is just another level of craziness but what I love most about it is the fact that is has depth too. Their story is just a proof of how thin the link between hate and love. 

As Lola puts it,

Somewhere along the way, hate had morphed into dislike and then reincarnated itself into lust, and then, like had blossomed. I liked Reed. Probably too much. But I couldn’t help it. That intriguing bastard was too much fun. Infuriating bullshit columns aside, I couldn’t not like him.
To sum up, I highly recommend this book to all those who wanted a light hearted read packed with sense, humor, great and witty banter, scorching scenes and swoony moments. Because if you want another sets of crazy, dig into this book and have a fun ride with Lola and Reed.
Reed This: It’s never too late to have a launch party for life. Get living. Get loving. And don’t ever stop.

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