Cover Reveal: Boyfriend Of The Hour by Nicole French

May 20, 2024



Nicole French

Release Date: June 27


Nathan Hunt needs a girlfriend. Specifically a fake one.

Yes, the shy, grumpy twin of Henry Cavill who sits at the end of my bar needs to convince his absurdly rich family that he’s actually capable of a normal social life. 

And he’s willing to pay a professional to fill that role.

Who happens to be me.

It helps that I’m just desperate enough to need the cash and not ask any questions.

I’m the obvious choice: Joni Zola, former dancer and forever flirt.

Never too serious. Always a good time.

On its surface, the plan is simple.

First, tell everyone we’re roommates. 

Then move on to lovers. 

His family will leave him alone, and I’ll have a free place to stay and a full bank account. 

Easy, right?

But as our scheme progresses, the lines blur.

Soon casual PDA turns into sharing a bed at night.

On the outside, Nathan Hunt is just my next boyfriend of the hour. 

But what if secretly, I might want him forever?

If we can keep things professional, this just might work. 

I can forget that kiss if he can.

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 About Nicole French: 

Nicole French is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance.  She's also a hopeless romantic, Springsteen fanatic, and total bookworm. When not writing, she is hanging out with her family, playing soccer with the rest of the thirty-plus crowd in Seattle, or going on dates with her husband. In her spare time, she likes to go running or practice the piano, but never seems to do either one of these things as much as she should.   

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