Release Blitz with Review: Heartless Beloved by Lola King

August 28, 2023


Look at you. So desperate to be mine.

Heartless Beloved by Lola King is now live! 

I'm from a place where you eat or get eaten. Two gangs are at war, and I'm hungry for survival.

Growing up in a broken town doesn't make you a good man. In fact, the North Shore of the Falls has made me merciless.
I survive because I'm a good soldier for the North Shore Crew. I'm cool-headed, I never lose sight of my goals, and my only obsession is to wrench our town from the clutches of our sworn enemies, the Kings.

Alexandra Delacroix is just a job. Plain and simple. She lives in our neighboring town, in the millionaires' heaven they call Stoneview.
The plan is straightforward: charm her, uncover incriminating information about her senator father, and tip the balance of power in our favor.

But unlike the other rich girls from Stoneview I use as toys, Alexandra is kind, selfless... sweet. Sickeningly so. A bright pink cupcake with glitter and sprinkles on the icing. That kind of sweet.

We have nothing in common. Nothing but the secrets we keep.

And before I know it, my priorities change.

Before I know it... Alexandra Delacroix is my new obsession.

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What a sexy dark surprise this was!! Lola King was not messing around with these characters and seeing that this my first time ever reading anything from this author, I’m glad that I started with this one. I fell for an anti hero and I regret NOTHING!


If you were to ask Alexandra Delacroix how happy she is with her life right now, she would give you her sweetest smile and tell you that her life is a fairytale dream and it’s perfect. Sweet boyfriend, a house that might as well be a castle and cool girlfriends. Everything is perfect. That is until one night she truly learns that no one is really untouchable and danger comes in the form of something alluring and wicked.


Xi has never been the kind of guy to sit still. If he wants something, he’s going to get it and to everyone else, have mercy on your soul if you get in his way. He’s unapologetic, ruthless and deep down to the core, he’s crazy af. When he crosses paths with the rich girl from the other side of town, Xi decides to do the one thing that he’s extremely good at. Getting what he wants.


I was not expecting this type of story if I’m being completely honest. I thought that I was going to get a little sprinkle of a dark romance with some sexy scenes thrown in but that was not the case. Yall need to listen to me very carefully. THAT WAS NOT THE CASE!!! My god I was sweating and angry at the same time. How is that even possible??? Xi was not a good person in a lot of ways but he was passionate and protective. Everything that he did had meaning and you felt it whether it was good or bad.

I’m pretty sure that the author gives a warning to her readers in the beginning of the book so please for the love of your panties and sanity, do not skip it. Read it, memorize it, inhale it, and if and ONLY if you’re ready to go forward with these crazy, demented frustrating characters that will take you to the edge of bliss, then you start. Don't say that I didn't warn you. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be rocking in the corner waiting for the next character's book.

Meet Lola

Lola King is a dark, steamy romance author who loves giving happy ever after's to antiheroes.

She writes about flawed and deeply broken characters and the women who make them fall to their knees. Her books are sometimes cute, sometimes angsty, but always sexy! Lola lives in London and if she isn't writing, she is most likely keeping her mind busy putting together a play or making music. 


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