Release Blitz with Review: After Rain by A.L. Woods

June 29, 2023


After Rain by A.L. Woods is now live!

A hot cabin in the woods.
Insufferable silence.
A marriage on the verge of collapse. 
A past he can't escape from. 
An unlikely safety pin found in the rumble of a Mustang in the distance.
And the desperate plea that threatens to change everything. 

After Rain is book 2 in the Into the Storm series and takes place four years after the events of Rain—which you *must* read first. While it is not conventionally dark, it contains dark situations, themes and references that some readers may find triggering or highly distressing. Reader discretion is strongly advised. 

Rain was my first read from this author. It was raw, real, and unlike anything I had ever read before. A.L. Woods' writing style stood out to me as quite unique, and the characters she introduced me to in that story have held a special place in my heart ever since. Their story was a long one, but when I reached the end, I wished there were hundreds more pages of it. I wasn’t ready to let go of Allie, Nate, and Dom, and with this release, my wish came true.

Love triangles are extremely controversial in the romance community, but well done love triangles, the kind where there is no obvious choice, are some of my favorite things to read. That being said, they're hard to come by, so when I stumble upon one, I always have to give props to the author for such an achievement. Rain was one of those rare gems. I would have been happy with whomever Allie chose, because I could see her being happy with either one of the men vying for her heart. Hell, if I had my way, she would have just kept them both,... but I digress.

After Rain reunites all three characters four years later. Honestly, I never expected to ever get more Allie, Nate, and Dom, so I didn't know what to expect. How often do you get a follow up book to a resolved love triangle that brings all the parties involved back together? Never in my experience. This story kind of felt like a gift, and it was everything I didn't know I needed. 

I couldn't have been more excited to dive back into the world of the characters that I'd grown to love so much two years ago. My expectations were high going in, but A.L. Woods didn't let me down. After Rain is emotional, hot, and as painful as it is beautiful. 

I planned to read a little bit before bed and ended up devouring the whole thing in one sitting. I had tears rolling down my face before I was even two chapters in. There is no way I can give this book any less than the five stars it deserves. 

I'm crossing my fingers a certain character gets his own book in the future. I can imagine it will be a hard one to write, but I need to know that he's going to be okay. He deserves happiness, and I hope I get to see it.  

Rain fans, this one is for you! 

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Meet A.L. Woods

A.L. Woods is a bestselling author of roller coaster romances, caffeine aficionado, and collector of Sailor Moon paraphernalia.

She lives 40 minutes west of Toronto, Ontario with her partner, Michael, and their 8lb larger-than-life miniature dachshund, Maia.

She believes that burritos should be in their own food group, loves the fall, winged liner, and listening to metalcore at an offensive level. 


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  1. I love how vague you are with who Allie chose. Was it Nate or Dom lol??? I hope you get that book for the other guy. Excellent review, Jess! xoxo

    1. I'm not spoiling! 🤣 Thank you so much, babe! 💋 I appreciate you! ❤️