Release Blitz with Review: Sinful Crown by Ava Harrison

February 6, 2023


 Release Date: February 6

My protector is a monster. 


Evil men are searching for me. 

Gideon Byrne is my salvation. 


Cold. Cruel. And handsome beyond measure. 


He should scare me. 

His possessive desire should make me run. 

But I stay. 


I give in to him. 

I give him… me. 


I’m falling in love with a monster. 

And I refuse to stop. 


Gideon Byrne is many things. 

Predator. Enemy. 

Protector. Lover. 


Only one question remains… 

Is he my villain or my savior?

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I love a good Mafia romance and from the title alone, I knew that I wanted Sinful Crown. The danger, the forbidden aspect along with the dilemma of keeping one safe and ruling your empire with an iron fist.

Gideon Byrne is a no nonsense business man and the last thing that he needs is a complication. Being a man of his word and keeping a promise, he makes it his mission to find a woman who might be in danger. But what awaits him is anything but calm and settling and in order to protect her, Gideon has to be the known ruthless man that everyone whispers about.

Sasha has been trying her best to keep her head above water and stay in her own quiet bubble. Going to work and practicing music on her cello is the only excitement in her life right now and she's more than okay with that. But one night turns into utter chaos when she comes face to face with the walking danger himself. Can Gideon keep his promise to protect Sasha or is he more of a threat?


I really enjoyed the first half of the story and I really liked the chemistry between the main characters. You felt it from the very beginning and when you add in the push and pull that they were giving off, it was entertaining in a way. Somewhere throughout the second half of the story,things changed and that spark and need to see how everything was going to play out quickly diminished. I needed more action and not things to be dragged out only for it to speed up towards the end.

Aside from that, this was a decent read and if you're a fan of this author’s work and mafia romance, then you should give this one a try.

Meet Ava Harrison

Ava Harrison is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author.

When she’s not journaling her life, you can find her window shopping, cooking dinner for her family, or curled up on her couch reading a book.

To learn more about Ava Harrison and her books, visit here!

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