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November 4, 2022


Crybaby, an all-new must-read dark romance and first book in the Revenge Is Sweet Series from international bestselling author Monica James and Michelle Lancaster is available now!


My name is Rev.
I like long walks on the beach.
A neat scotch.
And I like stealing from rich losers who have no idea the town’s Big Bad Wolf screwed their wives six ways to Sunday.
Such a scandal, indeed.
I have one end goal—to get out of this town.
I’m a loner. And that’s by choice.
People aren’t really my thing. That is…until I meet her. The little firecracker who sets more than my soul on fire.
No one has ever stuck around.
But Darcie is different. She seems to be as broken as me, and when our worlds collide, nothing but trouble looms.
Watch out, baby…down the rabbit hole we go.

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Ya'll…. Listen to me very carefully. What in the deliciously sick tarnation did I just read??? I don't know if I should be in therapy right now because I was cheering on the madness and laughing my butt off at times or saying screw it and embrace the crazy because I freakin loved it!


Rev has one goal and that's getting out of town and starting over somewhere new. Being in a small town and having to deal with entitled pricks on a daily basis is starting to reach its boiling limit with him and he has no reason to stay. That is until one of his classmates shakes up his entire world and leaves a mark that sets off a dangerous attraction and more in it's wake.


We were given a warning for this story and based on the prologue, I knew that this was not going to be an easy read. I felt it immediately and because of that, I went into this with a bit of trepidation which was warranted because my god!! The shit that went down in this book was effed up. I'm not even going to sugar coat this at all because I can't.


These characters didn't cross any lines whatsoever. Do you know what they did? They set them on freakin fire and then walked into that fire and then sat down and smoked a damn cigarette as if nothing happened! I can't even fathom wtf I just read and quite frankly if this is just the first book, you bet your ass I'm coming prepared for book 2. I need snacks, wine, rum, more rum and a therapist on call in that order.


This is not your typical dark read and I'm telling you right now please read the warnings and proceed with liquor. If you're looking for a messed up, twisted, dirty, thrilling revengeful read,this is hands down your book.


“Close your eyes.”
She arches a brow but thankfully does what she’s told—for once.
Ignoring every inch of my protesting body, I limp toward the lake’s edge because something amazing is about to happen. The sky lights up with thousands of lights, and it’s fucking beautiful.
Cupping my hands gently, I smile and hobble back over to Darcie.
Dropping to my knees before her, I say, “Open your eyes.”
When she does, she meets mine, then looks at my cupped palms. I open them, and her reaction is worth almost toppling over in pain.
“Oh my God,” she cries, steepling her fingertips over her mouth. “I thought they only came out during the summer.”
“Not all of them.”
We both watch as the firefly I caught lights up the space between us. It hovers between us, not appearing to be in any hurry to join its many friends.
“It’s beautiful,” Darcie says, her eyes glued to the firefly, and I know she sees the beauty in something so simple as well.
No matter what we’ve done, no matter what we do, we’re just a couple of misfits trying our best to survive.
I hook my thumb over my shoulder, and as the moon comes out of hiding, so do the thousands of fireflies, lighting up the night sky.
“Rev,” she gushes, coming to a stand and running toward the lake’s edge, her arms spread out wide like she too wishes she could light up the darkness. But little does she know, she lights up mine every single day.
Our little friend flies away, knowing his job here is done.
I join Darcie, standing by her side as we silently peer into the sky littered with fireflies. She reaches down and loops her fingers through mine. The fireflies soon pale compared to the fire burning between us.
As usual, the world fades into the background until it’s just Darcie and me.
“Thank you for bringing me here,” she says in an almost whisper. “It’s my first date.”
“Sorry I bled through half of it.”
She smiles, and the sight takes my breath away.
“Why do they light up like that?”
“Because of a chemical reaction caused by the organic compound, luciferin, in their abdomens,” I reply without thought.
“Luciferin,” she repeats softly. “Sounds kind of diabolical, which is ironic, considering it relates to something so beautiful.”
I can’t help but compare her analogy to herself—Darcie is kind of diabolical, but she is the most beautiful girl in the world.
I’ve always hated the word love. It gets thrown around so easily, losing its meaning. But luciferin, now that is a unique word. And this right now, this feels something like luciferin.

About the Authors
Monica and Michelle are best friends who have combined their love for dark comedy, crime documentaries, and bad boys to write dark romance that will steal your heart and haunt your mind.
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