New Release with Review: Cruel by Trisha Wolfe

March 23, 2021



I was born a psychopath. But he made me a killer.

Revenge is a lucrative business, and for Blakely Vaughn, it’s more than just profitable, it’s fun—until it becomes personal. 

As a biomedical scientist, Dr. Alex Chambers has devoted his life to the study of curing diseases. When he loses someone close to him to a heinous act of violence, he vows to cure the illness he believes is at fault. 

Blakely and Alex collide on a path of immeasurable ruin. A quest to avenge a loved one sparks a dark and deadly obsession, where a dangerous union of cruel minds raises the question: How far is too far?

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I've seen and learned a lot over the past year and the one thing that I can say when it comes to reading a story, is that you can always count on it to provide you with a brief escapism. The characters will lure you in whether you love or hate them, the setting will make you want to be there in that moment and if everything comes together? You will see the beauty in the words that are spoken. Now with that being said, I truly feel like I got seriously mindfucked with no warning or foreplay for that matter! What just happened???!

"Trying to resist her snare was vain, and ineffective. Do not touch. Oh, I touched. I put my hand right into her flame. Then I begged her to burn me again".

Alex and Blakely made this story their very own. At first glance you would try to figure out how these two characters would even have an ounce of chemistry but you do not need to see it. It is felt and it consumes you within the first few chapters and just when you’re feeling that giddiness and excitement over the prospect of something new and beautiful, this author gives you a reality check that will literally have your head spinning.


Trisha Wolfe delved into the mind of a cunning psychopath and you were left wondering what kind of depravity you were going to encounter next. Who's telling the truth? What twisted game will I be entangled in and will I make it out unscathed? I had all of these things flying through my mind at warped speed and do you know the realization that I came to? I'm going to have to see someone in a professional setting because this book right here??


Trust me when I tell you that you have to go into this story blind. The twists and turns that you’re hit with has to be felt like a gut punch. It’s raw, passionate, depraved, cunning and sexy. Even after reading those last words, you will be craving more and Malady cannot come fast enough!! If you’re a fan of twisted psychological thriller reads, then this book is for you.


I smile at that. “I said you were the rabbit.”

His fingers press into my skin. “I don’t understand—”

“Did you ever realize how Alice never stopped…couldn’t stop chasing the rabbit? It was a compulsion. Even though that world was crazy and frightening, she kept chasing. You’re not the rabbit, Alex. You’re Alice. Chasing your compulsion to some deranged Wonderland.”

His hands drag over my shoulders and slowly travel up to clasp my face between his palms. His mouth parts as hunger sparks in his eyes. The air charges around us. “You’re my Wonderland.”

About the Author

USA Today bestselling romantic thriller author Trisha Wolfe. From an early age, Trisha Wolfe dreamed up imaginary worlds and characters and was accused of talking to herself. Today, she lives in South Carolina with her family and writes full time, using her imaginary worlds as an excuse to continue talking to herself.
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