New Release: Good Girls by Max Henry

July 16, 2019

Good Girls 
(Arcadia High Anarchists #1)
by Max Henry is LIVE!! 

Genre: Mature YA Romance
Release Date: July 16, 2019


Boys versus girls. Those who have it all versus those who’d do anything to get it.

Caught between two worlds, I no longer know who I am.

I was one of the Chosen. Four girls, and four boys, destined to have it all: wealth, status, and a future. Now, I find myself on the other side looking for a way back in.

My father’s criminal case meant we lost it all. Forced out of our home, our city, our life, we started anew in a sweet country town called Arcadia.

Except after one day as “the new girl” I know there isn’t a single sweet thing about Arcadia High. Trouble brews amongst the student body. Love, lies, and betrayal. And when the consequences spill out the decorative gates?

These spoilt country kids won’t know what hit them after the city come to collect.

Lacey is one of the Chosen. She's wealthy, privileged, admired, and part of the popular crowd. That is until her family's status takes a tumble after her father is arrested for unwittingly taking part in illegal activities. Their fortune is taken from them leaving them no choice but to move from their lavish apartment in the city to a modest residence in the country.

With her old friends shunning her and the kids at her new school bullying her, Lacey feels all alone in the world. Even the brother she loves so dearly has quickly become a stranger. Her mother and father are miserable, and in just a couple of months, another shocking revelation turns her life upside down once more.

Good Girls by Max Henry is a new adult, bully romance filled with secrets, lies, and betrayal. The hero, Tuck, is a cowboy, and Lacey is a spoiled, shallow, little rich girl. Those are not the type of characters I usually look for in a book, but surprisingly, I enjoyed it all the same. Tuck is one hot cowboy, and in Lacey's case, there is a lot of character development throughout the story that turned her from a character that repulsed me to one I could root for and sympathize with.

On top of the fact that the characters are so different from what I generally prefer, I had never read anything from this author before.
Would I like her writing style? What about the romance? Would the plot keep me interested? Bully romance is my shit though, so I decided to give it a try despite my concerns.

Am I glad I did? Yes! Was it what I expected? No, but that wasn't a bad thing! It's somewhat different from the other books I've read in this particular niche, and that is something that's becoming harder to find with this subgenre's recent rise in popularity.

I enjoyed the author's writing style.The plot kept me intrigued, and the budding romance left me wanting more. That being said, the first half of the book didn't necessarily feel like a romance novel to me. It felt kind of like a family drama with a female main character. I'm not bothered by it at this point, because I know that there are going to be several books in the series. I also happen to like family dramas, so I'm content with watching as the overall story slowly unfolds.

I want to see more about her family after everything that transpired in this installment. I REALLY need to know more about the Chosen! What's going on with those assholes? How was the group formed? What does being Chosen mean? What's up with Christian, Libby, and Richard? The author leaves us with so many questions that it guarantees you'll be coming back for book 2 if you enjoyed this one. 

I recommend Good Girls to fans of bully romance with flawed characters that don't mind a slowburn. 

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The swing door jerks open, ricocheting off the wall. I lift my eyes, chin down, and check the reflection. Dee. Crap.
“Oh,” she chuckles. “You doing your own laundry now too, Gucci?”
“My name is Lacey,” I grind out.
She lifts her hands, striding into a stall. It doesn’t shut her up any. “You know, there’s a real easy way you can be left alone.”
I return to researching stain removal while she pees.
“You want to know what it is?” The cistern flushes, the door to her stall swinging open shortly after.
“I get the feeling you’ll tell me anyway.”
She pumps soap in her hand at the sink beside mine, watching me in the mirror. “Stay the fuck away from our men.”
“Last I checked they didn’t have your names tattooed on them.”
The bitch strolls behind me to then reach out and dry her hands on the clear part of my shirt. “Oh. Woops. I’ve made it worse.” She snatches it off the sink before I can stop her. “Let me take care of this for you.”
To my horror, she strides back into the stall and stuffs my shirt into the sanitary bin. I lunge after her, but she fends me off with a boot kicked out behind her.
“Seriously!” I holler, arms tense with rage.
“As I said,” she says with a pitying smile. “Stay the fuck away from our men, and we’ll lay off the heat.”
“You don’t get it, do you?” I grind out as she waltzes toward the door.
“Get what? That you’re not welcome here?”
I cross my arms over my chest. “That picking on me only makes me fight back harder.”
She snorts, giving a little head wiggle. “Then it’s your funeral, bitch.”

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