Review: Saint by A. Zavarelli

March 5, 2018

Title: Saint
Series: Boston Underworld #4
Author: A. Zavarelli
Genre: Dark Romance



When going to war, there are three very simple rules one must abide by. 

1. Know thy enemy 
2. Be prepared to sacrifice. 
3. Always wear good shoes 

After all, revenge is a dish best served in stilettos. 
I’ve got an eye for it, and nothing’s going to stand in my way. 
Not even Rory ‘The Saint’ Brodrick. 
He’s a fool if he thinks he can change me. By the time I’m through with him, I’ll make his mafia look like child’s play. 
Cross me, Mr. Brodrick? 
You better cross your heart and hope to die. 


I’m a fighter. A hustler. A mobster. 
I’ve seen a few things in my day. 
But I’ve never encountered anything like her. 
She's a beauty with a beast of a heart. The poison apple I just can't resist. And in her trail she leaves a wake of men crawling on their knees. 
What she doesn’t know is that I like my women wild. 
It only makes it that much more fun to tame them.

"The fault is not in our stars, but our hearts - those immortal instruments which beat on in spite of our most valiant efforts to destroy them."

Saint is the fourth book in the Boston Underworld series by A. Zavarelli which happens to be my favorite mafia romance series to date. For that reason alone, I went into this one with extremely high expectations, and I was not disappointed! Lachlan and Mack are my first loves, but Scarlett and Rory gave them a run for their money!

"Some girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Some are made of venom and sin. When you open the chambers to their hearts, you'll find - absolutely nothing within."

I have been patiently waiting to read Scarlett's story, and I'm so glad that I finally got to. Ever since we were first introduced to her character, she has intrigued me. At this point in the series, we know she isn't selling herself for sex like Mack previously assumed. Instead, she drugs men, robs them, and kicks their ass. Don't feel sorry for the bastards though! They deserve every bit of it. Trust me! 

Rory, aka Saint, is a member of the Irish mafia, and he has it bad for Scarlett. If hard to get was a Olympic event, Scarlett would have a gold medal, but that just makes Rory want her more. She drives him crazy in every way possible. Besides her leaving him confused and sexually frustrated on a regular basis, Rory's aware of the way Scarlett lives her life, and he hates it. 

"He's a tee shirt and jeans guy. A dimples guy. A jokes guy. A punch-you-in-the-face-on Thursday nights guy. He's too many things. Tall and casual and funny and green eyed."

"And I'm only one thing and it's not his girlfriend."

Too bad for him, Scarlett doesn't give a fuck. She isn't looking for love. The only think she wants is revenge. After suffering a traumatic event in her past, she ran away from her old life leading people to believe she was dead. Unfortunately for her attackers, she is alive and well and coming for each and every one of them. 

For a while, Scarlett seems to have the upper hand. Her plan is going smoothly, and total vengeance appears within reach. Until, one of them finds out she is alive, and the hunter becomes the hunted. 

"He really is a Saint. And I really am the Devil. But together, we're a match made in heaven."

I'm going to try to hold myself back from gushing endlessly about my love for this book and this series in general, but it's going to be hard. One thing I am going to allow myself to go on about for a minute though is the main characters of this story, Scarlett and Rory. I absolutely adore them! They are going down as one of my favorite couples of all time!

"She was beautiful - but especially she was without mercy." - F. Scott Fitzgerald 

Scarlett is a heroine I'll never forget. She's crazy, badass, and breathtakingly beautiful. What I admire most about her is her strength. The horrors she endured in her past made my heart absolutely ache for her. I understood why she pushed Rory away the way she did. If someone you loved and knew your whole life did something that horrific to you, I promise you that you would have a hell of a lot of issues as a result. It would be a wonder if you allowed anyone to get close to you ever again. Scarlett is nothing if not insanely brave. Because of that, I knew she would come around eventually, and when she did, I was so damn proud of her.

"He's all jagged edges and soft corners. A contradiction of dark masculinity and soft humor. But inside, he feels. And I'm the girl that's going to soak him in kerosene before I light a match." 

Rory was perfect for Scarlett in every way. Did I tell you how much I love him? I'm head over heels for this one, y'all! He is a total alpha male, but secure enough in himself to have a strong, alpha female by his side. Rory never treats Scarlett like she's less than. He honors and respects her as an equal, and I fucking loved it! I also loved that he was prepared to kill for Scarlett without batting an eye, and he did.  More than once. 

"They're dead, sweetheart. They just don't know it yet."

Rory is mafia, and despite that, I can't say he's a bad guy. A man with a heart that big can't be. It's what endeared him to me the most. His patience with Scarlett was commendable. The love and understanding he showed her was touching, and the soft spot he has for women and children made me swoon. When I say he gave Lachlan a run for his money, I mean it. If you know me, you know Lachlan is one of my favorite book boyfriends, so that's extremely  high praise.

Saint exceeded my expectations in every way! The story was gritty, entertaining, violent, and full of action. The romance was heartwarming and hot, and the characters were complex. Mafia romance fans, you can't go wrong with Saint or the Boston Underworld series as a whole. I recommend this one to you! 

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Author Bio

A. Zavarelli is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author.

She likes all things chocolate, books that come with warnings, and putting her characters through hell. Her tale"He really is a Saint. And I "He really is a Saint. And I really am the Devil. But together, we're a match made in heaven."

really am the Devil. But together, we're a match made in heaven."
s have been known to flirt with darkness and sometimes court it unabashedly altogether. Revenge themes and tortured souls are her favorites to write and this gives her an excuse to watch bizarre and twisted documentaries in her spare time.

She currently lives in the Northwest with her lumberjack and an entire brood of fur babies. 

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