September 12, 2015


A) Do you believe yourself to be an outgoing or shy person?

I'm quiet but not shy. I like to watch and observe, but I have no problem putting myself out there.

B) What do you prefer, TV shows or movies?

Movies, because I never seem to be able to keep up with shows. I swear I'm like ten episodes behind on like ten different shows. There are just too many good ones.

C) What's your favorite OTP? (OTP: A couple you ship and love together)

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy . . . oh wait, no. Buffy and Angel. I've never gotten over that breakup.

D) What's the most influential book you've ever read?

Too many. Every book I read influences me in some way. Some more than others and all in different ways, but I don't think I could pick out the most influential.

E) What's the last book you read?

Mine, haha. I'm currently finishing up final revisions on Risking Ever After, which means at this point I've read it about fifty times and won't have time for fun reading until after release day! Prior to that I was reading the Charley Davidson series.


1) What inspired you to start writing?

I love books. Always have, and I've always been a story-teller. Tuning out during school or work to create stories in my head. It just wasn't until almost two years ago that I finally gave it a shot at taking those stories from my head and putting them into pages. It was actually a sort of escape/stress reliever from running my own business at that time.

2) What's your favorite genre to write and/or read?

Read:everything. Usually I require a bit of romance though. It can be anything from contemp, to young adult, to sci-fi/fantasy to parnormal to historical. As for writing, again it's got to have the romance. I want to write relationships, love stories, but I want to dabble in all of the different sub genres some day. For now I'm developing my writing style and growing in the new adult, contemp category.

3) Tease us! What are you currently working on?

Like I mentioned, book 5 of the Ever After series is just having the finishing touches put on it! I'm very excited about this one! I think it will be the best yet, although book # 1 will always have that special place in my heart as my favorite just because it was my first novel. I'm also just going to throw it out there that this one will be the steamiest of them. As I've developed my style and grown confident in my writing, I'm tackling more of those scenes. The focus is still always on the relationship, not the sex, and that's where I want to keep it, but, hey we all enjoy a little heat right? In the future, I mentioned that I want to dabble in some other sub genres. The first I'm going to tackle after I finish off the Ever After series with the sixth book, is a romantic suspense/thriller, mystery! Serial killers are very in these days haha, and so much fun!

4) We love stalking authors! Where can readers find you?

The best place to find me is on my facebook pages, personal or author. I don't mind if readers want to stalk me on both. I have twitter and instagram and I think Google + but I can barely keep up with facebook so I don't get on the others too much. My Goodreads and Amazon author pages are also great places to stay up to date on my releases and all that good stuff. AS for signings, I will be at a few in the coming year, including the RockNRead in Vegas come January, then the Sweet N Sassy Summer Spectacular in Kentucky, SASS in Norfolk Virginia, Authors At the Opry and a few others that will be announced later! Here are all my links for all the stalkers out there!


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