Release with Review: Inertia by C.M. Radcliff

February 2, 2022


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Inertia is the second book from the Dazed series and is a continuation of Ainsley and Killian's tragic, messy love story.


He was supposed to ruin her life, but he fell in love with her instead.
Killian’s entire world was turned upside down after one explosive night.
He wanted to destroy her, but now he just wants to save her.
There’s just one problem…
Killian doesn’t know how and Ainsley doesn’t want to be saved.

Ainsley is sinking deeper into her depression and she’s beginning to lose hope.
She takes the drugs to keep her up, but her self destructive habits keep bringing her down.
But now, it isn’t just about her…
Every choice that Ainsley makes affects Killian.
And she’s taking him down with her.

Like a ticking time bomb, it’s only a matter of time before their world explodes.
And when the pieces come crashing down, who will be the one to fall?

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Ainsley and Killian are on a downward spiral. They're hiding out due to events that take place at the end of the last book/in the beginning of this one while Killian tries to figure out a way to keep them afloat. Ainsley is falling deeper and deeper into depression and addiction, and while Killian wants her to stop using, he finds it excruciatingly difficult not to keep enabling her. His love for Ainsley is so great that he can't stand to see her in pain, and the thought of being away from her kills him. Something has to give though, or Killian is going to lose her either way. Forever.

Ainsley and Killian's codependent, toxic love is painful to read about. You can clearly see their adoration and devotion to one another, and while that's usually a good thing in a relationship, in their case, it just might be their doom. Killian watching Ainsley on her race to rock bottom and trying his best to help her even when it destroys him to do so is devastating to witness, and Ainsley basically giving up on life broke my fucking heart. By the end, I just wanted to slap them, hug them, and make everything right.

The Dazed series is the first I've read from C. M. Radcliff, and I'll definitely be picking up more of her work in the future. I flew through both installments, captivated, intrigued, and fully invested in Ainsley and Killian's HEA. The desperate, melancholy mood of Inertia is absolute perfection, and the ending left me wanting more.

If you like drugs, sex, and toxicity in your romance, this is the series for you!


About the Author

C.M. Radcliff writes romantic suspense and contemporary romance. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two kids. If she isn't reading or writing, she's probably on a little adventure with her family.

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  1. This sounds utterly painful... and delightful lol. Another fab review, Jess! xox